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Does WiFi and cell phones give cancer?

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It is not proven ...

Understanding electromagnetism, logic says no. The electromagnetic radiation that is proven to be cancer, by producing changes in DNA, is the ionizing, the high energy that produces ionization: gamma rays and X-rays. 
The WIFI and cellular frequencies are in the part of the waves of radio, like those of radio broadcasting and "walkie-talkies", in the less energetic part of electromagnetic radiation, even less energetic than light and infrared. It is not ionizing, and in principle it can not produce changes in the DNA.
However, some argue that at high intensities or closeness to the body (as in the case of cell phones) has effects on the electrical field of neurons or cells, or decrease melatonin levels, and can cause problems as headaches, insomnia, even through these disorders facilitate the formation of tumor cells. In fact, there is a directive that limits the intensity of the radiation of these mobile devices that are used close to the body and the head.

The most that came to declare the IARC (international agency for cancer research) is its classification as "possible carcinogen to humans" (group 2B) by the increased risk of glioma (brain cancer in the ear area) associated with the use of cordless phones.

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This is a controversial issue and it still does not have a clear and convincing answer. As in all aspects of life, there are always two sides of the coin, in this case they are on one side the companies that produce cell phones and telephone companies and on the other, there are the groups that are behind the interests of citizens and in particular health.

It has been denied that it has a negative effect on health, but recently I was aware of studies that have shown that electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones can cause brain damage (since we put them close to the head to talk) , but we can not rely solely on what one or two studies say, since they could be directed or sponsored by the entities that belong to one of the two camps.

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