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What is the life expectancy of a person?

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Well I regret having to answer you with a boutade (later they say that I do not give "serious" answers) ... but it will depend on which person .

Life expectancy is the (average of) number of years that a person, population, city or country lives in a certain period. It is usually divided into masculine and feminine , and is influenced by factors such as the quality of medicine, hygiene, wars ... although today it usually refers only to people who have a non-violent death.

Therefore it is easy to assume that the life expectancy of a person born in Japan is not equal to that of a person born in South Sudan.

The world average is 71.4 years (in 2015), but there are great differences between different regions.

  • In Europe and North America the average is 73 years
  • In Oceania, 71 years old
  • In Latin America of 70 years
  • In Asia of 61 years
  • In Africa of 55 years.
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