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Why is it recommended to get up at 6:00?

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Hello John. In biology, circadian rhythms are biological oscillations at regular intervals of time. All animals, plants and all organisms show some kind of physiological rhythmic variation that is usually associated with a rhythmic environmental change. This makes us sleep at night and we are awake during the day. It was observed that in the human being the energy begins to increase at approximately 6:00, so it is a good time to make the most of the day. Of course we should also go to bed early! This schedule is also observed in traditional Chinese medicine, where the energy flow is lower at 20.00 and higher at 06.00.

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My answer is guided to the metabolism, we recommend 5 light meals a day, separated by spaces of 4 hours, if we start from when we wake up our meal hours would be accommodated in a simple way, where we could get the energy we need during the day, without having complications with the schedule, our last meal would be at 22 hours and we would leave our average 8 hours to rest, hours that also exceed us by making us feel more tired on waking since the body would take a considerable time without glucose in the blood. Personally that would be the reason why I would recommend waking up at that time.

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