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Can drastic weight loss alter the menstrual cycle?

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Yes. Everything that unbalances the body's hormones can harm the menstrual cycle. If you drop drastically in weight, your body will decide that you are in a bad environment to procreate, and you will stop having the cycle.

If diets are very restrictive or in which some type of macronutrient is eliminated, it alters the hormones.

If a woman is very athletic, and has low percentages of body fat, it can also affect her cycle.

Women are not designed to have low rates of body fat, rather your body facilitates the accumulation of fat, for the issue of procreation. To have food for the fetus. Therefore, it is not recommended that a woman have less than 15% body fat. Mind you, I am not saying with this that it is healthy for women to decide to be fat because of it. The extremes are very bad.

It is best to eat very healthy and natural, and play sports. Balance is the key to everything.

Finally add that it is great for women to do weights. It helps to create muscle and burn fat. Sport and healthy food makes your hormonal balance is correct, and so you will have correct menstrual cycle.

Do not make rare diets and lose weight drastically. That is not healthy. Theirs is to have a realistic caloric deficit and do sports

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Yes. There are many documented cases.

Apparently a drastic weight loss causes the body to try to save energy and this includes ovulation and menstruation

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