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If menstruation is a natural process, why do women experience pain and discomfort? Why did evolution take this wrong turn?

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Evolution gives "erroneous" turns only insofar as the changes make the survival of the species impossible. That a feature is not the peak of perfection (however we want to define that) does not make it an evolutionary aberration ; if it has its disadvantages, but allows the continuity of the species, then, look, what stays!

For it is that evolutionary developments are not, in general, improvements or arrangements; they are adjustments Nature does the best it can with what it has.

Maybe those fingers will help you run the little lizard, but what if we join you for a few telitas? You no longer run so well, it's true, but now you're fleeing! If you come to eat the tree you can now jump! *

We already arrived at your first question.

If menstruation is a natural process, why do women experience pain and discomfort?

First, the obvious. Nature never promised that its processes would be free of pain; just ask any organism that came to rest in the stomach of another.

And second: because menstruation is just another adjustment. Menstruation (among other processes, of course) is the response of nature to the question "how carijos prepare this body to lift a puppy?" It is not perfect, I give it to you, but it works and evolution only needs to work.

The day that women begin to fall dead up and down for menstrual pain, there you can begin to doubt the wisdom of nature.

(*) Please, do not take this as a scientific example. I invented it without a bit of research or reflection.

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Menstruation is an exclusive mechanism of a few animal species, including most primates, some bats, and elephant shrews. The funny thing is that it is not because we have a common ancestor that menstruating, but rather that each group developed it on their own. The rest only covers the endometrium during fertilization (Decidualization unchained).

There have been several hypotheses to explain the purpose of menstruation:

  • Elimination of pathogens introduced by the male
  • It is more efficient to eliminate it cyclically than to maintain it indefinitely.
  • Human embryos are quite aggressive and menstruation "accustoms" the epithelium to stress.

However, these hypotheses have not obtained support. To explain what is possibly happening, I must present one thing.

Animals can be classified according to what the placenta enters the uterus:

  • Epitheliocorial: is superficial.
  • Sindesmocoriales: the placenta crosses the uterine epithelium.
  • Hemocorial: reach the maternal blood vessels. Here all the species that menstruate are included.

In this case, menstruation is a consequence of a defense mechanism. The endometrium is coated to preventively protect the embryo. If it were done at the time of fertilization, it would not give time to protect itself from it. In addition, this thickening detects chromosomal abnormalities, allowing a spontaneous abortion.

Women with reduced decidualization, whose coating is less, become pregnant and abort with the same ease. On the other extreme, it is more difficult for them to get pregnant, but they are more likely to come to term.

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Forget about menstruation, think about childbirth. I never went through one, but just watch the births in series and movies, to know that the parturient screams pain, sweats liters, suffers ... how it suffers !, and no wonder. As far as I know, no woman suffers in the same way during menstruation. Some more than others, but in general with taking an antiinflammatory reaches. Therefore, the pain of menstruation reminds us that it could be much worse.

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Pain and discomfort in menstruation are common but are not normal.

As the bozo has been considered normal and its proper hair removal is a good business, the spm is an even bigger business so the pharmaceutical (as always) proposes endless temporary corrections for the same, while, who exercise with professional ethics well-being through natural elements we try to inform anyone who wants to know that SPM is not lethal and for that reason many years women tolerate it, but it is the beginning of a long chain of subsequent deteriorations that may (or may not) worsen.

The solution lies in the balance, cleaning and maintenance of the reproductive and lymphatic system.

Nature was not wrong, humans and their beliefs yes.
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The truth is I am 40 years old and in my life I have felt what is a colic or discomfort due to menstruation I know that I get it but because I go to the bathroom and see blood before or in account .. but my sister yes and muuchosss. That is, then, not necessarily all women show that pain, though from what I have seen MOST if ...
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The output of wisdom teeth are also painful and are also natural and a product of evolution, that something is painful is not an error of evolution. The dysmenorrhea ( painful menstruation ) is an experience that will suffer 2 of every three women (so a percentage no pain), not all women suffer from it .

Those of us who have dysmenorrhea are in a condition that can not be remedial, but we can take painkillers without a prescription to control pain.

It has nothing to do with any idea that "the uterus cries blood for not having gotten pregnant", but it could be dangerous if some tissue stays attached to the uterus, that's why the matrix gives movements to remove all tissue ... although they can be very painful is a mechanism to not die.

As you can see there is no need for the biblical explanation, nor the sentimental interpretation that "we have to get pregnant", evolution is not wrong, although it can be and is, painful.

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