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During the menstrual cycle, when can a woman become pregnant?

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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about how to calculate the fertile days so you can get pregnant, how to take advantage of the days when your partner's semen remains alive inside you, as well as a simple and fast method with which you will learn how to calculate the days of ovulation or fertility to get pregnant fast . 

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What is the importance of calculating the fertile days?

Women only have three fertile days per month, are those in which we ovulate and we are able to get pregnant. Therefore, a good calculation of these increases the chances of becoming pregnant.

If I do not have a cycle of 28 days with three of menstruation I am irregular?

Not in any way. There are women who have cycles of 30 or 35 days with a menstrual period of 5 or 8 days, are normal and regular cycles.

Are fertile days those in which women menstruate?

Not in any way. Menstruation is the opposite of ovulation or fertility. It is a cyclical process where he prepares slowly to be fertile (ovulation) and when fertilization does not take place, it must be cleaned to allow a new preparation. (menstruation)

Are there only three days when I can get pregnant?

Yes and no. That is, on the one hand the woman has only three days of fertility but on the other we can take advantage of the 3 days in which the man's semen remains alive in our body.

Then I leave 2 graphics with which you can easily take the count of your fertile days taking into account the last day of your menstruation.

How to calculate my fertile days?

It does not matter how many days of menstruation you have had or how many days your cycle is. The method is very simple because it only takes into account your last day of menstruation after which you will count 7 nights in which you are completely clean and without a drop of blood. That first night is the first fertile day and the next two the second and third.

I leave the following graphics or fertility tables so you can easily calculate it:

Ovulation calculator to get pregnant fast 1

Fertility calculator 2

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In general, ovulation occurs around 14 days after menstruation, since then and for a period of 4 or 5 days the woman can become pregnant. If we take into account that the sperm can remain alive up to 72 hours, the window is extended to 3 days before ovulation.

This is the general, then there are women whose menstrual cycles are irregular and this generality can fail.

For this reason the method of counting the days to avoid pregnancies is discouraged.
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