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Women: Would they suppress menstruation to avoid its annoying consequences?

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There is a way to do it; the contraceptive that migrant women who pass through Mexico take because they know that they will surely be raped; the medroxyprogesterone marketed as Depo-Provera . It causes sterility in a period of three to six months

However, it has caused SO MANY health problems that have been banned in some countries: uterine cancer, ovarian and breast cancer, depression, abnormal menstrual bleeding (amenorrhea) and loss of sexual appetite.

Similarly, the "homemade" methods to cut the period are not recommended and even dangerous, so no. I suffer from dysmenorrhoea and I prefer to endure the pain, however strong it may be, than to get into chemicals, because, in the end, the natural thing is the "flow" of the body in the cycles that it already has.

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