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How to recover menstruation caused by anorexia nervosa?

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I think the big question is how to get out of anorexia, or how to get out of it enough to regain menstruation.

The body of a girl or woman lost menstruation because she is defending herself by getting rid of the more expensive or less urgent functions for her life, in order to stay alive. You can also get rid of many hair, make the nails grow less shiny or skin radiant (who cares about that when the urge is to live?).

Now I allow myself to use the you and speak directly to whoever is going through this.

He does not like to hear what is already known, neither the morbidly obese nor the anorexic or the bulimic. The only way out of a problem caused by your relationship with food and your body is to change the relationship with food and your body.

It's very hard, people do not understand those suffering from anorexia, it's hard to see yourself in the mirror and see that what looks like a great little victory, that tiny doll, that shadow under the cheekbone, that marked bone of the hip ... that is rounded off in name of health

It is hard to think, to think about it, to imagine it.

But he thinks that it is also terribly hard for a depressed patient to get up from his corner or bed, approach a window, raise the blind to let in light, and not jump out of that window. And they have that same double wall that an anorexia patient has:

  • Fight against your inner monster.
  • Move forward despite the fact that many people do not understand them.

The first day you eat something will be a victory that you do not want to celebrate, your predator will tell you that it is a defeat. If you are in contact with more Anas on the internet (I do not recommend it, please do not do it) they will also regret your decision.

A patient with depression does not understand that lifting that blind is a victory. A sick person because of anorexia does not understand that this snack is a victory.

When you understand it, when you are in a position to celebrate it, it is a long time since you won the hardest battle, the one that is so bitter to celebrate.

A person suffering from depression must be under psychiatric treatment, a person suffering from anorexia is under a multidisciplinary treatment that also includes a psychiatrist (at least in many places in Spain). But the anorexic does not usually hear an explanation as hard and simple as that given to me by a person who really appreciated when he spoke of his depression: a part of your brain is very used to fighting your life and your well-being, is what my Friend calls the predator.

Your predator does not want you to eat. Keep it in mind when one day you think you are getting fat, your predator will want to be heard, he will claim his prey that you are.

Trust the team that is treating you, but also trust you, in that part that is fighting against tupredador. Eating is not a defeat or a claudication. Eating is not an order that anyone gives you to stop giving the can.

It's your life, eating is part of life. Take the first step, the menstruation will return.

Luck and my support to the patients and relatives of patients with anorexia.

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Eating; When starting to recover some of the ideal weight, menstruation reappears.

It is a natural defense mechanism of the body (bright, it seems to me) so as not to get pregnant when you are malnourished.

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You lose menstruation because you have less weight than you should have. Overcome anorexia and your whole body will thank you and you will feel again the well-being that you lost when the disease overcame you.

Just listen to doctors and psychologists specializing in eating disorders.

Amenorrhea is only one of the symptoms. Even if you have menstruation again does not mean you have healed.

Cheer up!!!!

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