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Is it possible to lose weight while you are in period?

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Being in our days means that we spend the days with colic, discomfort, nausea, sudden pain, constant mood swings ...but this is only a part, we also find a very positive issue that is that thanks to menstruation we can lose weight fastest way. How? We explain it to you below:

Moderate exercise : although it is uncomfortable for some, if you get used to it, it may be very beneficial. Thanks to hormonal changes, your metabolism can accelerate up to 10% and cause you to burn up to 200 calories while exercising.

A better rest : in these days it is necessary to stay very rested sleeping the 8 hours that the body demands so that during the day you can keep active and burn more calories. Also, you will avoid the bad mood.

No cravings that make you get fat : the problem of when you are in your days is that it makes you more hungry, so it is necessary to decide on healthy cravings.

Drink more water : menstruation causes fluid retention, so it is necessary to drink up to two liters of water per day. This will keep you satiated and prevent you from consuming more garbage.

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