A Short Frenulum of The Penis

A Short Frenulum of The Penis

A short frenulum of the penis

Frenulotomiya – plastic frenulum of the penis

Andrology – EURODOCTOR.RU – 2007

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery CB 6 RZD – MOSCOW
A short frenulum of the penis – an anomaly in which the vertical fold of the foreskin, which connects it with the head member short. This prevents the bridle fully expose the glans penis. For this reason, in the sac of the foreskin smegma accumulates – the secret of the glands of the foreskin. A short frenulum is interfering with normal sexual relations, as a member during erection bends down, so the erection is painful, and if sexual intercourse is still accomplished, then the bridle can be formed cracks or tears that soprovozhdvaetsya dvolno heavy bleeding.
The treatment of this pathology prompt: cut the bridle in the transverse direction, and sewn lengthwise. This operation is called frenulotomiya.
A short frenulum prevents the elimination of a conservative (re-) physiologically narrow opening of the foreskin in children, often is enough to cross the bridle, to make possible the free movement of the foreskin. Even in cases where decided to hold a circumcision, you must first make frenulotomiyu – this may be sufficient to restore the free mobility of the foreskin and circumcision would be unnecessary.

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