Treatment for paraphimosis

Andrology – EURODOCTOR.RU – 2007

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery CB 6 RZD – MOSCOW
Paraphimosis – as a complication of congenital and acquired phimosis. If the foreskin, with an effort to attenuate coronary sulcus of the penis has not been returned back, then it infringes on his head, causing her swelling. In the head there is a partial impairment of blood circulation, leading to its necrosis.
This gives rise to pain in the glans penis prejudice, cyanosis and edema.
To avoid development of irreversible changes in the head of the penis (such as necrosis), apply the following method. At the head of the penis jam thumbs with gauze soaked in liquid paraffin (or glycerol), the other ring finger pulled the foreskin forward. If you head this way was right, the patient usually appointed baths with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate until the complete elimination of edema. Otherwise, the cut is squeezing the ring of the foreskin, which helps to release the head. In practice, this is the same as the dissection of phimosis. It is best to make a circular excision.

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