What is phimosis?

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Phimosis – a narrowing of the opening of the foreskin that prevents exposure of the glans penis. Phimosis – a fairly common disease. Traditionally called phimosis and congenital narrowness of the prepuce. That is not a disease and there is a majority of newborn boys. It is noted that only 4% of newborn boys have the opportunity to fully expose the glans penis. In 90% of them the head is fully exposed to only three years. At the age of 17 violations of exposure heads noted in only 1% of adolescents. Phimosis in adults may develop secondary to poor personal hygiene, as well as some associated diseases (eg diabetes).
Need to dwell on the two anomalies. The foreskin of boys, some long, dangling like a trunk (hypertrophic), and others – short, with thinned margins and a narrow aperture (atrophied). The free mobility of the foreskin in the first case occurs somewhat later, and with a short foreskin can only be a partial release of the glans penis – prevents the narrow opening.
There are times when the inner layer of the foreskin and the glans penis spliced across the surface, but more frequently in the coronary sulcus. Sometimes the opening of the foreskin is so narrow that one has to resort to the instrument of its expansion, sometimes it becomes necessary surgery, there is a disease – a true phimosis.

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