Treatment of varicocele

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Varicocele – a varicose vein pampiniform plexus and internal spermatic vein. Varicocele – and a common cause of testicular dysfunction. This pathology occurs in 15 – 20% of men and 40% in men with infertility.

A brief historical background of varicocele

First varicocele was seen as a clinical problem in the 16th century. Ambroise Pare, the famous surgeon of the Renaissance, described the vascular pathology of the testicle. In the late 19th century British surgeon Barfield first proposed the relationship of varicocele with infertility. A little later, other surgeons have shown the relationship between varicocele and the cessation of sperm selection, and the subsequent restoration of fertility after the operation. Throughout the 20th century, surgeons have argued persuasively about the relationship of varicocele with infertility.

Anatomical aspects of varicocele

Blood through the veins of pampiniform plexus flowing into the inferior vena cava. Moreover, these veins along the spermatic cord replacement (education, which contains blood vessels testicle, spermatic cord and nerves of the testis) form the so-called pampiniform plexus (plexus pampiniformis). Together with the elements of the spermatic cord veins are those in the inguinal canal and then out of it, they form a testicular vein. Further, this right of Vienna falls directly into the inferior vena cava. And at an acute angle. On the left testicular Vienna empties into the left renal vein, which empties into the inferior vena. And the left testis Vienna empties into the left kidney at a right angle. Because of this, the rate of blood flow at this point is lower than the right. This fact is one of the main reasons that most often appears on the left varicocele.

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