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Operations stenting and coronary artery bypass surgery – minimally invasive bypass the operation of foreign specialist


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Cardiac surgery not only to save the heart from a heart attack, but also improve the quality of life of patients suffering from ischemic heart disease.

Coronary heart disease – one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. Most often the basis for the development of coronary heart disease is atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, which leads to the formation of plaques, narrowing the lumen of blood vessels of the heart. The result is ischemia of the heart muscle – a lack of oxygen, which is manifested pain behind the breastbone and may lead to a heart attack.

Interventional Cardiac Surgery in the Cardiac Center:

  • More than 100 coronary angiography in a year
  • All kinds of interventional procedures – balloon angioplasty and stenting
  • The use of modern Taxus stents with drug coating.

The advantages of angiography and stenting for the patient:

  • Minimally invasive interventions
  • Excerpt after the CAG on the day after stent placement – in a day
  • The rapid return to daily life

Limitations of angiography

  • Effective in narrowing neprotyazhennom
  • The maximum possible number of stents – three

Mini-invasive coronary artery bypass grafting

The unique technology developed in the mid-90s, allowing to perform bypass surgery on a beating heart without cardiopulmonary bypass to connect the device with a minimal incision.

Indications for a mini-invasive coronary artery bypass grafting:

  • Isolated lesions of the anterior interventricular artery – the choice of surgery
  • Patients at high risk of multivessel disease in the presence of technical viability of minimally invasive bypass surgery

The advantages of mini-invasive coronary bypass surgery for the patient:

  • The minimum cut
  • Early activation of the patient
  • Accelerated discharge time – 6-7 days
  • Reducing the number of hypoxic complications associated with the use of artificial circulatory system (stroke)
  • Reducing the risk of postoperative infections related to the sternotomy

The operations of aorto-coronary bypass surgery in the Cardiology Center of "Medicine" does prof.A.Repossini – one of Europe's leading kardohirurgov having the greatest experience of minimally invasive bypass operations (Italy, Bergamo, Blade Gavatsetti).

A.Repossini – a world-class heart surgeon:

  • More than 15 years of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in
  • One of the first in Europe who started doing minimally invasive intervention
  • Some of the best results in Europe
  • More than 350 operations per year

All members of the cardiac team have been trained in a specialized center in Italy.

Patients who converted to Cardiology Center are:

  • Ability to obtain the opinion of the surgeon about the operation of world-class during the day via the Internet
  • The possibility of a preliminary consultation
  • The high quality of postoperative care
  • Immediate and long-term outcomes at the level of the best European and American medical centers

Rehabilitation after cardiac surgery

The operation of aorto-coronary bypass surgery or stenting is not automatically solve all the problems of the client. Need professionally organized program of rehabilitation of patients after surgery to get it back to normal life.

The Center developed a program of rehabilitation of patients with CABG and stenting in different stages, including preoperative, postoperative inpatient and early (for patients who underwent surgery at the clinic) and dispensary.

Training and consultation on this program can significantly improve the quality of life, return to an active career, in large part to restore the physical and psychological status of the patient.

Programs are adapted to the individual patient and include consulting cardiologist, a physician exercise therapy, dietician, advice on drug therapy, psychological testing, physical training and exercise therapy. Trainings are designed individually and are held in a special exercise equipment, which allows to make exercise safe and beneficial.

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