Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease – Hospital Assuta – Israel

Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease - Hospital Assuta - Israel

Treatment of coronary heart disease – HOSPITAL Assuta – ISRAEL

Diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery stenosis in Israel


Currently, perfected an effective and economical program of coronary angiography in the most modern hospital of Israel "Assuta" (Tel Aviv) with the advice of two leading professors of public hospitals, "Tel Hashomer".

The patient, the following action program:

  • arriving at any Saturday;
  • Sunday morning – the detailed laboratory tests including lipid profile, cardiac enzymes, and the calculation of the risk of myocardial infarction;
  • Sunday afternoon – stress echocardiography (ECG and echocardiography under load) for the assessment of coronary vessels, myocardium and cardiac chambers;
  • Sunday night or Monday morning – the head of non-invasive cardiology consultation hospital "Tel Hashomer" Professor Michael Schechter, the definition of tactics to further treatment;
  • In case of need catheterization to stent placement – on Monday afternoon in the hospitalization of "Assuta" (Tel Aviv), head of the department carrying out the manipulation of catheterization hospital "Tel Hashomer" and "Assuta" Professor Shmuel Radom;
  • Statement on Tuesday;
  • On Wednesday, the consulting cardiologist Professor Schechter – a plan for further refinement of drug treatment;
  • Fly – on Friday morning.

The cost of the meeting at the airport and leaving for the airport at the end specialized treatment service "Laufer" – $ 400. Transfers to the hospital, accompanying the Russian-speaking interpreter, translation into Russian language is included in the medical program.

The cost of laboratory tests Stress Echo + + two consultations Professor Schechter – 2,100 dollars.

If, during the catheterization will not be able to place stents, it is considered a diagnostic catheterization. The cost of diagnostic catheterization – 6.500 dollars.

If at the time of catheterization and stents are placed in such a way resolved the question of treatment is considered therapeutic katetrizatsiya. The cost of catheterization procedures will increase to 15.500 dollars, excluding the cost of stents installed. The cost of stents depends on the number and type. For example modern kiferovskie stents emit medicines are to 3,200 dollars each.

If the therapeutic catheterization with stenting does not succeed, will be recommended for coronary bypass surgery. Coronary artery bypass graft is in a different hospital in different ways. We work with the hospital cardiologist, "Tel Hashomer" Dr. Steynikom (it operates in our patients, "Tel Hashomer" and "Assuta") and the Center heart surgeon "Preservation of the heart" hospital "Wolfson" Dr. Sasson.

The operation can cost anywhere from 25,000 to 32.000 dollars (including the 7 days of hospitalization) according to the hospital and the volume of transactions.


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