Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease Stem Cells

Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease Stem Cells

Treatment of coronary heart disease STEM CELLS

In the complex treatment of coronary cell therapy leads to outcomes that are inaccessible to other methods

Stem cell therapy – 2011

Diagnosed coronary heart disease (CHD), a person demonstrates that a healthy heart – the foundation of all foundations. Thus, many actions that previously were seen as something ordinary, in the presence of coronary artery disease begin to be appreciated as something unattainable. For example, many patients with coronary artery disease strike out of my life skiing, swimming, cycling and walking, and even the much weaker exercise, because I do not believe in his own heart, fear that the "motor" can take at any time.

Freedom from coronary heart disease is possible, but it is not based on taking medication, and the rehabilitative potential of your own human body. Cure IBS – then release the vessels of the ischemic heart, and laid back "diet" with blood and oxygen. Neither medication nor surgical exposure data are not fully solve the problem.

Natural recovery of the heart and blood vessels, and hence recovery from ischemic heart disease, occurs with the use of cell therapy. Own stem cells have the strongest potential for recovery, because the ability to differentiate (to acquire functional quality) of almost any organ or tissue.

Stem cell therapy is fully compliant with taking medications prescribed by the attending physician. The use of stem cells before surgery – bypass or stenting, enhances the effectiveness of the operation, reduces the period of tissue healing and rehabilitation. Moreover, in the complex treatment of coronary cell therapy leads to outcomes that are inaccessible to other techniques.

As stem cells are treated with coronary artery disease

To get rid of ischemic heart disease, you need to saturate the body with "fresh energy" – the active stem cells. Increasing the number of stem cells is especially important for older people, because after 30 years, the processes of cell regeneration slows down, including reducing the number and quality of stem cells, without which the natural (as in his youth), self-healing of organs and tissues can not be.

For the treatment of coronary artery disease experts Clinic produce patient sampling of biological material from the bone marrow or adipose tissue. Of the sample stand and put the stem cells for culturing (growing), large cell population of at least 200 million stem cells.

Part of the population intended for treatment of ischemic heart disease, differentiated kardiomioblasty – acquires functional properties of heart muscle cells. The rest of the stem cells located in the storage cryobank – Bank of stem cells. Thus, patients receive their own pool of recovery for the future – the stem cells retain their quality throughout their kriohraneniya.

Next, the patient is invited to transplant – intravenous injection of stem cells. A total of 40 minutes, during which there is a stem cell transplant, the patient give a powerful impetus to the top of the biological regeneration of heart muscle and getting rid of IBS. The first stem cells restore proper blood flow in the heart. To do this, regenerate tissue damaged by ischemia, blood vessels, atherosclerotic plaques are removed, and blood clots. Restores elasticity and conductivity of the blood vessels.

The unprecedented achievement of cell therapy is to create new collateral vessels. New collaterals are built around places too damaged vessels, which provides a complete delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle.

Ischemia persists, the blood supply restored, and now stem cells have gained access to the heart. Stem cells are attached to the healthy tissue around areas with damaged heart cells of oxygen starvation. Begins the process of cell regeneration – replacement of lost cells of the heart strong kardiomioblastami derived from stem cells of the patient. In addition to the regeneration of the heart and blood vessels, cell therapy forms the stock of active stem cells, through which the patient is included in the subsequent self-recovery of organs and tissues, as in his youth.

Separately to emphasize the logical relationship of CHD and myocardial infarction. Progressive coronary artery disease increases the likelihood of its development, which, of course, greatly affects the quality of human life. So getting rid of CHD is preventing the development of myocardial infarction and extension of the decades of his life activity.

Where to treat coronary artery disease with stem cells

Today Russia is the only medical facility that has an official permit from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the use of cellular technologies. Experts of the Clinic of stem cells – the followers of the case A. Maximova, who discovered stem cells in the early 20th century. Years of research, experience with diverse cellular technologies form the basis of a unique method practiced Clinic since 2003. Achievements of cell therapy to relieve patients' clinics for diseases such as coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and many others.

We do not encourage the work of an organ, we restore its cellular composition to each body to function independently and correctly. Each case is individual treatment in the clinic, because one and the same diagnosis takes place each person differently. Therefore, the first visit to the clinic patient receives personal attention, continued during and after treatment. The doctor observes the patient Clinic after the procedure and is always ready to advise in the case of emerging issues.

We value the experience and strive to improve it to the application of stem cell therapy has continued to develop for the benefit of your health.

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