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Dental Implants In Israel

Dental Implants In Israel

Dental Implants in Israel

Implantation of all teeth in one day!

A unique offer in the market of dental services!Dental treatment at the spa!Prices are lower than in Russia!
Implants and prosthetic jaw teeth all in Israel for only $ 10,500!

Inquiries in Moscow: (495) 504-94-65, on-line application for the treatment of  

Complete restoration of all teeth in one day, according to the method ILTI

In the Jerusalem hospital Dr. Victor Cruz, uses a unique method called Immediate Loading on Tilted Implants – two rows of new teeth in one day. This technique has been used for dental implants for over 20 years in leading dental centers in the U.S. and Europe. It is used as a rule, when fully edentulous jaws and is based on the implantation of only 4-6 implants in the bone at a certain angle. With this technique you can avoid bone grafting and sinus lifting. At the same prosthesis held on the day of surgery!
Preimuschestva dental restoration by the method of ILTI:

  • The entire procedure is performed in a day without replanting bone and sinus lifting.
  • Chill (do not cause discomfort, patients reported that habituation to them is very fast due to the absence of any fasteners).
  • Durability (implants can serve as a decade).
  • Rapid healing, no bleeding, swelling, bruising.
  • Proper transmission of masticatory load.
  • Accessibility (by using the minimum number of implants).
  • Prosthesis does not require sawing adjacent healthy teeth. There is no need to build bone – Implants are set at an angle.
  • Beautiful teeth, which is no different from real teeth.
  • ILTI Suitable for people with diabetes and periodontal disease.
  • Incredibly attractive price, lower than in Moscow clinics.

Dental implantation is preferred over conventional prosthetics, as prevents the atrophy of the bone. In the absence of teeth, and hence the load on the bone, the bone begins to dissolve. If, however, missing a few teeth, bone loss occurs more rapidly. At the height of bone less than 10 mm there is a risk of fracture jaw.
In most cases, by computer modeling may have an operation without opening the gums and joints – Method flapless, which significantly reduces the time of surgery, can more accurately establish the implant and to avoid post-operative swelling and bruising.
The cost of implant and prosthetic teeth one by the method of Loading on Tilted Implants from $ 10,500 for the entire complex (depending on the material of the prosthesis).This is an order of magnitude lower than with traditional implants in Russia.

About the expert:

Complete restoration of all teeth in one day by the method of practicing ILTI Dr. Victor Cruz in his own dental center of Jerusalem:
Israeli dentist Victor Cruz began his career in 1990 in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. A military dentist in the Israeli Air Force reserve.
Dr. Cruz – current member of the Israeli and the German Association of Implantology. Throughout his medical practice to continually improve the professional level in training courses in implantology and dental aesthetics. From 2002 to 2004 worked as a consultant in leading clinics of Moscow.
Dental Center Dr. Victor Cruz is located in the heart of Jerusalem, and is equipped with advanced equipment that allows for a comprehensive approach to the implantation of prosthetic teeth and combines the most advanced synthesis techniques. His main "ridge," said the complex implantation by the method of Immediate Loading on Tilted Implants – Two rows of new teeth in one day.

Selected Works of Dr. Victor Cruz:

The main advantages of dental treatment in Israel:

Israeli dental clinics around the world trust as a specialist of Israel – is a competent and confident in his work the man who first thought of his reputation, and only then to profit. To date, more profitable to come to Israel for treatment than staying in the Russian clinics and unqualified for the treatment of perplachivat many times more.
Dental Israel is:

  • Internationally recognized as the highest quality of treatment
  • Russians no longer need a visa!
  • Prices for dental treatment, as in Moscow
  • Quality assurance from the doctor, not clinic!
  • The lack of language barrier
  • Low-cost shuttle service and
  • Year-round summer! Combine treatment with the rest of the sea!

Testimonials Dr. Cruz

I want to praise and say thank you, doctor! It is now been a month since the surgery. My new teeth do not cause me discomfort. I have a perfect smile! Inga H., Holon
I recommended that my dental naparnitsa at work. And after the first visit it became clear why such rave reviews. When you see so much attention, labor, patience and a sincere desire to help, there is a feeling of immense gratitude. Thanks to Victor Cruz. Veronica D., Bat-Yam
May God grant you health, success, good luck in life! A clinical success in work. I will recommend your clinic to all your friends. Moses K., Ramat-Gan
Victor Cruz is not able to run poorly. All safe and beautiful. Join us for all the kind words addressed to Victor Cruz. M. Gil, Rishon Lezion
I work in a company selling dental materials and have the opportunity to choose a clinic, where medical treatment. It is like the reception and quality of work. Here, from the patients did not get off. M. Paul, Jerusalem
Me as a patient, always disgusted by any "advertising zamanuha." You know, when it is assigned a low price, and then in the process, when the patient has nowhere to go, start "milking." Many of these clinics, unfortunately. Victor Cruz all have to be honest, this is a big plus. I want to wish good luck and patience in your difficult task. Adi K., Tel Aviv
I wish to thank Dr. Cruz. A true professional in their field. Not only did his job, but also corrected the deficiencies of another dentist. Good luck and prosperity to you and your clinic! Nomi S., Ramat Aviv

To get to the treatment and dental implants in Israel is very simple! Just call (495) 504-94-65 and to tell you all the details you need to do!

To place an order for treatment

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Dental Centers Abroad

Dental Centers Abroad

Dental centers abroad

PREMIUM DENTAL Dental Center in Budapest

DENT – 2010

Do you need implants or dentures? Are you tired of confusing the price of dental services in Moscow? Do you like good service? Do you want to combine business with pleasure? For example, an old European city to visit and take a course of dental rehabilitation. Tell me dear? Not at all – as well as in Moscow! So, we invite you to the Premium Dental Dental Center in Budapest.

Premium Dental – part of the clinical block "Kutveldi" in the European medical university, "Semmelweis".

Among the clients of the clinic – members of the Government of the Republic of Hungary, the staff of the Russian, German embassies and the U.S. consular office in Budapest. Premium Dental recommended by leading dentists TsNIIS in Moscow.
In the clinic, the most modern equipment using advanced technology runs the full range of dental services: dental implants and prosthetics on implants in full, one-step method of implantation without bone augmentation, prosthesis with removable and conditionally removable dentures (acrylic, nylon, and clasp etc.), traditional metal-ceramic, metal-free crowns and bridges, orthodontics, oral health professional, all kinds of therapeutic dentistry.

Why Premium Dental in Budapest?:

  • Surgical treatment may be performed under general anesthesia. The entire operation is supervised by qualified anesthetists;
  • For the most accurate diagnosis is carried out in the center of all kinds of modern dental diagnostics (intraoral photograph ortopantomogramma, computed tomography 3D), as well as all the necessary tests;
  • Own dental laboratory ensures the shortest possible turnaround time.
  • The center operates a close-knit team of doctors profeesionalov;
  • Cosy friendly atmosphere, multimedia equipment in the lounges will spend time in comfort, without thinking about the upcoming treatment;
  • Reasonable prices compete favorably with the clinic prices in Moscow clinics at the same level.

How to access to treatment in the dental clinic Premium Dental:

  • Fill out an application for treatment at our website or contact us by phone +7 (495) 504-9465, after which you will be contacted a representative of the Moscow clinic for a detailed discussion of medical problems;
  • Should send a panoramic x-ray or 3-dimensional CT image to our e-mail Based on the experts of the center image will make a full treatment plan and calculate costing;
  • For your convenience, a coordinated approach to organizing the trip: visa, hotel accommodation and the provision of tourist recreation programs.
    More information about the sights …
  • During his stay in the clinic can be organized as a group and individual tours.

Price Premium Dental Dental Center in Budapest:


  • Implant grade SGS (Switzerland) – 500 Euro
  • Implant grade Oraltronics Pitt-Easy (Germany) – 700 Euro
  • Implant grade Astra Tech (Sweden) – 1000 Euro
  • Metal-ceramic crown on implant – 219 Euro

Orthopaedic treatment (dental prosthetics)

  • Metal-ceramic crown (CoCr) – 219 Euro
  • Non-metal crown on zirconium oxide – 330 Euro

Therapeutic dental treatment:

  • Filling the tooth (depending on the size of lesions) – 60-120 EUR

So, you are ready to undergo dental treatment in Budapest, or you have any questions, please complete as fully as possible the form field . If you have any questions or difficulties in completing the forms, you can contact the curator of the online representation of clinics in Moscow: Phone: +7 (495) 504-9465 or

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Restoration of Teeth

Restoration of Teeth

Restoration of teeth

Modern methods of tooth restoration

DENT – 2006

Implantation and Prosthetics in Israel – the leading specialists
Dentists say it is hard to find a man of mature age with perfectly healthy teeth without any fillings. More often elderly with teeth worn as a shorter length: crown almost invisible, and sometimes even the same roots sticking out.

What to do in these situations? Since the end of days and cover the mouth with his hand, smiling in the cam, so as not to shock the others? Or wear a mask, pretending to be sick? Complete destruction of the crown of the teeth occurs for many reasons. Caries, trauma, abnormal abrasion do their dirty work for tooth decay. But modern dentistry has learned to deal with this phenomenon.

To restore the lost anatomical form and function of the tooth, retaining part of its root, it is possible with the pin teeth. Pin the tooth – a fixed prosthesis crown of the tooth, consisting of an artificial crown and pin introduced into the canal preserved root. There are many designs pin tumbler teeth. Each has different characteristics and methods of manufacture. In the dental practice in the remaining roots of the teeth are made Core Build-ups tab, followed by reduction of the stump of the tooth crowns of the artificial material of any kind.

Pins are used to restore the teeth of all groups of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. The notion that the teeth are pins used mainly on single-root teeth, out of date. Today, you can use this design, even if the root is destroyed below the gums.

With the pin tumbler teeth can be restored not only the crown of decayed teeth, but also change the position of the teeth, standing outside the arc, that is, in the case of abnormal development or growth of the teeth, in which they go beyond the tooth row without performing a full chewing function and interfering with the normal arrangement the remaining teeth.

To manufacture this design orthopedic impose certain requirements to the root of the tooth. It must be sustained long enough. The walls of the root – not destroyed by caries process, retaining its strength and thickness. It is important that the root canal was not warped and had a good cross over its entire length.

When installing the glow of the tooth pathological processes in the tissues surrounding the root is completely eliminated. It seems that far too many conditions must be met. But we are glad that people who have lost teeth and had forgotten how to smile, it seemed, until the end of life, you can still help. And, unlike the various methods of prosthetics do not need to carry bulky in the mouth of foreign designs and a long, fraught with complications prizhivaniya implant. A very popular manufacturer Stump tabs, followed by a dental prosthesis.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people have the opportunity to stump with tabs to restore teeth. This means that health has been restored and improved quality of life – because people were able to fully fed, to diversify their menus with fresh vegetables, coarse food – chewing function recovered.

In recent years, dentistry, instead of tabs Stump began to use anchor pins (posts). These structures are designed for reinforced seals. If necessary, the tooth can be closed with a post crown. Such a tooth restored by fasting lasts a year or two. While Stump tab has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years.

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COMPREHENSIVE DENTISTRY in Israel under general anesthesia
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Examination and treatment in GERMANY – Institute "DIAGNOSTIX"