X-ray Before Implantation of The Teeth

X-ray Before Implantation of The Teeth

X-ray before implantation of the teeth

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Before performing the installation of a dental implant, the physician should determine the quality and condition of the jaw bone, as it affects the result. This is usually carried out X-ray examinations:

  • Detailed X-ray
  • Ortopantomogramma
  • Computed tomography

This method allows to get X-rays the doctor a good preliminary overview of the dentition of both jaws. It is possible to determine the relationship between the alveolar ridge jaw and her body.
When otropantomogramme can get excellent pictures of basic anatomical structures, such as mandibular canal, maxillary sinus. And these structures, distances them from the implant is very important to consider. In addition, ortopantomogramma to evaluate the length and number of dental implants installed.

Detailed X-ray
Detailed (sighting) X-ray images are used to:

  • Determine the degree of jaw bone density,
  • Determine the extent of the defect between the roots of adjacent neighboring teeth, especially in the anterior mandible,
  • To estimate the location of the alveolar ridge of the jaw relative to the teeth.

Computed tomography
Computed tomography – a method of x-ray diagnostics, which provides a cross-sectional images of different structures of the tooth implant and jaw. It uses computer processing of images. The images obtained by CT, can well see all the layers of bone.
This allows us to confirm the suitability of the jaw bone for implantation, and the size of the implant may be in the range from 3 to 6 mm in diameter. CT helps to assess the nature of the contour of the bone tissue, which makes it possible to identify the direction for the formation of bone-implant bed, and this, in turn, is necessary to prevent the concave sections of the alveolar bone or the body of the mandible.

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