Sheck-up In Paris

Sheck-up In Paris

Sheck-up in Paris

Medical Check-up Program in Paris


General Check-up

The modern manager appreciates the time. A lot of work, responsibility, stress, no time to think about themselves and their health status. For such people, specially designed medical program Check-up.
This is a great opportunity to combine an interesting journey to Paris with the global control of your health!
A survey carried out in 1 or 2 pm depending on the size of the diagnostic program. To effectively conduct a special medical structure, which conducted the survey only. All our clients are VIP.
For the subjects, with no apparent health problems, held a general Check-up. Rapid screening detects possible anomalies and risk factors for disease.
Over 3.5 hours of a patient survey provides a full range of laboratory and hardware research, consult a physician Service Check-up and medical specialists: a radiologist, a specialist ultrasound, cardiologist, a gynecologist for women.
On the eve of the patient fills in a special medical form, which allows to determine the diagnostic direction. In the absence of chronic disease in the patient's age is determined by the size of the program, the working characteristics of the rhythm and power of the subject:

  • for a man to 45 years
  • for men after 45 years
  • for a woman to 40 years
  • for women after 40 years

Patients were conducted:

  • laboratory testing of blood – general and detailed biochemical analyzes with the mandatory identification of indicators of all organs and specific markers of the risk of cancer,
  • Analysis of urine cyto-bacteriological examination and the search for abnormal – cancer cells,
  • study hearing on special equipment,
  • special apparatus accurately determine visual acuity and intraocular pressure
  • respiratory function is also determined by using the most modern diagnostic equipment,
  • device determines the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue,
  • Radiology is a cutting-edge cabinet x-ray study of lung and mammography in women
  • Ultrasound will give a detailed picture of internal organs, a cardiologist at the most modern equipment will check the status of the cardiovascular system in all modes,
  • women need gynecological examination with pap smears for latent infection and the risk of cancer.

If necessary, perform additional research and consulting specialists in other medical fields.
The survey is conducted 5 days per week, from 9 to 14 hours.

Advanced Check-up in Paris

This program is offered to patients with chronic diseases.
In addition to the general Check-up the complex of extra-depth research and expert advice on the underlying disease, such as, for example:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease,
  • respiratory
  • digestive tract,
  • consequences of cancer,
  • urological and andrological disorders, etc.

Each disease has a devastating effect on other organs and body systems.
The purpose of an in-depth Check-up is the accurate diagnosis of these changes and make recommendations for their prevention and cure.
Everywhere in the world have taken second medical opinion on the management and treatment of disease. As a result, existing single drug therapy may be replaced by other, more effective.
For example, in diabetes, the following program is an in-depth Check-up:

  • detailed examination of the cardiovascular system,
  • of view (first cause of blindness in developed countries with insufficient tracking)
  • renal function (the first in Europe, the cause of chronic renal failure requiring renal transplantation),
  • makes recommendations for the prevention of complications, is assigned a corrective treatment,
  • special technology is determined by the effectiveness of treatment of diabetes,
  • if necessary, is modified early treatment.
    At the same principles are carried out in-depth Check-up for other diseases and physiological states.

Check-up of early pregnancy

France has developed a unique molecular genetic technology. It allows each woman, a convert to us from the second month of pregnancy, within 48 hours after delivery of a blood test to know:

  • Rh-factor of a child (it is extremely important in terms of a possible conflict of Rh-mother and fetus)
  • the sex of their unborn child,
  • be confident that it has no severe congenital abnormalities. If there is any possible termination of pregnancy at an early date.

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