Fibrous Thyroiditis

Fibrous Thyroiditis

Fibrous thyroiditis

Fibrous thyroiditis – Elite Treatment in Europe


Fibrous thyroiditis – an inflammatory disease of the thyroid gland, characterized by destruction of the thyroid gland to form in her fibrous (connective) tissue, thickening of the thyroid gland and compression of surrounding organs. At the present time due to the wide use of antibiotics fibrous thyroiditis is quite rare. Approximately three times more likely to get sick woman.

When fibrous thyroiditis thyroid gland becomes very dense. This condition is sometimes called a stone or wooden goiter. Fibrous transformation may be subject to one or both lobes cancer. Typically, the process involved and a number of underlying tissues, blood vessels, muscles.

Most fibrous thyroiditis combined with other similar diseases:

  • sclerosing cholangitis
  • retrobulbar fibrosis
  • mediastinal fibrosis.

Some researchers believe that the fibrous thyroiditis is the final outcome of autoimmune tiroidita, but this opinion has not been proven, and many osparivaetsya.V now believed that the fibrous thyroiditis occurs after undergoing viral infection.

The general condition of patients for a long time is good. Gradual emergence of the disease is manifested disorders of swallowing, the feeling of a lump in my throat when swallowing. Sometimes there is a dry cough, deepening voice. Over time, these manifestations of progress. Swallowing may be difficult. Join respiratory disorders. The voice becomes hoarse, and sometimes disappears altogether. The emergence of these complaints related to the process surrounding the lesion fibrous thyroid organs: trachea, esophagus, vocal cords. Fibrotic process can capture and parathyroid glands, which is manifested gipoparatiroza development and the emergence of seizures.

The diagnosis of fibrous tiroidita set on the basis of medical history, concomitant diseases, slow the progression of complaints of violations of swallowing, breathing and voice. When palpation of the thyroid gland reveal its increase, the heterogeneity of the structure and seal marked. Thyroid slabopodvizhna and soldered to the surrounding tissues. When radioisotope study revealed "cold" (not accumulate when administered radioactive iodine) nodes. Ultrasonography detected an increase in thyroid size, expressed her seal, thickening of the capsule gland. When a biopsy (tissue under the microscope study of the thyroid gland) are fibrous tissue.

Treatment of fibrous tiroidita exclusively surgical. In addition, appointed by the thyroid hormones, calcium and vitamin D.

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