Restoration of The Liver's Own Cells

Restoration of The Liver's Own Cells

Restoration of the liver's own cells

A new method for treatment of severe liver disease

Swiss Center of Abdominal Surgery BAERMED

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In August this year in Switzerland at the center of abdominal surgery (or surgery of the abdomen) "Baermed" was registered by a fundamentally new method for treatment of severe liver disease. All the necessary clinical trials to date, there are already cases of successfully treated patients.
The liver – one of the most important organs responsible for metabolism, removes harmful substances and poisons that secretes bile and, most importantly, produces its own body proteins.

One of the main causes of both acute and chronic liver disease – a virus, also can play the role of heredity, cancer (metastasis), damage to various substances such as alcohol. According to the WHO – World Health Organization – about 400 million people worldwide have hepatitis B, 350 million people – hepatitis C, in more than 20% of cases it leads to cirrhosis of the liver. Hepatitis B is one of the 10 leading causes of death in the world. But despite the prevalence of liver disease, treatment is designed a little bit and they are often not effective enough.
That is why the emergence of a new method of treatment of the liver, which can cure the patient, even with severe disease, it is extremely important today.
Designed in the center of "Baermed" Professor, MD, and W. Baer MD PA Staikovym, a new method based on the use of their own cells. Through a simple surgical procedure the patient cells taken authority as well as other organs, specially processed in the laboratory, mixed and placed in an auxiliary substance in which they develop. A day later, these cells are implanted into the patient, being attached to the mesentery of the small intestine – a bunch of supporting the small intestine. This mixture of cells in about two weeks to take over essential functions of a diseased liver and partially or fully normalize its work. Used stem cells are not, so the new method has no constraints from an ethical point of view. Before giving a direction to such an operation, the center conducted a thorough comprehensive examination of the patient. The indication for surgery is given only under the criteria of not less stringent than under the direction of liver transplantation.
A patient who has applied to us for help, it is sufficient to provide the test results, patient's body shots. Any further concerns, our company undertakes, including negotiations with the doctors and the administration center "Baermed" visa, the organization of the flight, as well as providing an interpreter. Leave the message and our doctor, our company will contact you.

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