Pregnancy – Third Trimester

Pregnancy - Third Trimester

Pregnancy – Third Trimester

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Remaining three months before the birth! In these months the baby is active and you can clearly feel his movement. For baby is now especially important to communicate. Parents can "deliberately" to communicate with the child.

Pregnancy – the seventh month

The period of the sensory organs in the fetus. He is able to distinguish between some of the smells, has a sense of taste and visual perception. The kid did not just hear, but also distinguish sounds – like those who surround him constantly (the heartbeat of mother, her bowel peristalsis, pulsation of the umbilical cord), and those that come from outside. There is evidence that the child is better distinguishes between low notes, so my father's voice.

In this age can be "taught the kid." Let him listen to music, talk with him, accustom to a certain rhythm of life, tempered. Keep the joy and pleasure of communicating with your baby. Among all the noise the baby still distinguishes the rhythmic beating of the mother's heart. And while this rhythm does not bounce, baby feels bezopasnosti.Posle born crying child calms down quickly when the mother takes him in her arms and, pressing the left breast, gives him a heart to hear a familiar melody.

In these months, the child accumulates subcutaneous fat. There comes a crucial stage in the development of the cerebral cortex.

Seven-month baby feels pain, he reacts in much the same way as full-term baby. Throughout pregnancy, the fetus is closely associated with the parent body and live by the laws of the functioning of a complex system, "the mother – placenta – a child." Each link in this system is not only for themselves but for their partners.

In the final stages of pregnancy the fetus is not entirely dependent on the mother and the placenta. Many of biochemicals necessary for him, he produces himself (growth hormone, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, enzymes). At this time the baby is forming its own specific metabolism. However, until complete independence is far from it, the environment continues to actively influence it.

Pregnancy – the eighth month

The kid is preparing for independent living. He is still active, but his movements are stingy and rational. He grew up and was "closely", so the kid does not change its position as often as before. By this time the child is in the correct position – head down, his back to the left.

The internal structure of the heart in the fetus is different from the internal structure of the heart baby. The fetus in any blood vessel is not clean arterial blood. Even in the arterial system circulates a mixture of venous blood (transmitted through the body) and blood oxygen saturation. Only in the umbilical vein – from mother to fetus – is only the arterial blood. Thus, the fetus is largely dependent on how the mother's blood is saturated with oxygen and other valuable substances. So keep on breathing exercises and soft-training workout as it allows your condition. Talk to your doctor.

In the eighth month the baby authorities continue their development, "hone their form." Markedly increases the head of the fetus., Reaching 60% of the size of an adult human head. The brain in its scope is now the fourth the mass of the adult brain, while all other agencies reach only 1/20 part of their "adult" size.

At this time, intensely accumulated subcutaneous fat, skin is smoother, there remains primal grease. The body of pregnant woman develops a special hormone – relaxin. This substance causes a weakening of the joints of the pelvis, making the pelvic ring as a more "expandable". The more supple mother's pelvic ring, the less problems for the baby during birth. However, the work of relaxin and change the connection of the pelvis can alter gait, making her look like a "duck." After birth, it quickly disappears. At this time, especially useful if your doctor does not object, the soft-training workout.

Pregnancy – the ninth month

By this time, it is desirable to abandon the hard work, long journeys on public transport. The period of 35-36 weeks of relative calm. From 36 weeks, in principle, can give birth. However, in 37-38 weeks deliveries take place more easily. The woman in this period is often a desire to do away with the burdens of pregnancy. But do not hurry. Everything must run its course, let your child prepare thoroughly for the birth. Remember, he was a full participant of sorts. He is with you for one! You and he – one team. And the more you play coherent than the more accurate will be your "transmission" (it is the ability to breath and relax during childbirth), the better you learn to feel your body and control it, the more successful will be labor.

The body must be soft and pliable, do your best to surrender to the process. During this period, any movement requires some effort, there is a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, breathing becomes easier, but harder to walk. May appear false contractions (neregulyarnye!).

Light baby is almost ready to go. Maturity is determined by the presence of pulmonary alveoli in surfaktana – specific substance, without which it would not be able to kill many of the alveoli and breathing easy. Surfactant prevents the alveoli during breathing wears.

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