Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer

A rare form of cancer

Mammology – Breast surgery – – 2008

Inflammatory breast cancer is a relatively rare form of breast cancer, but this form of cancer is very serious and is related to stage III B cancer. The frequency of occurrence compared to other forms of cancer of the breast is 5 -10%. Moreover, this form of cancer little understood compared with other forms. Often it is taken as a banal inflammatory breast cancer, because its symptoms are similar to inflammation.

Inflammatory breast cancer is difficult to diagnose. The most characteristic feature of this form of breast cancer is redness of the part or the whole breast. In addition there is an increase redness in local temperature, ie, red is warm to the touch. Sometimes this redness may take place and then re-emerge. Skin changes are manifested in the form of orange peel. The affected part of the mammary gland is enlarged and thickened. Approximately 50% of patients observed tumor formation, but it is virtually impossible to test the light of the increased breast cancer and its seal. Sometimes this form of breast cancer is confused it with the usual inflammation – mastitis.

The results of the study the U.S. National Center for Research on Cancer from 1988 to 1999 showed that the inflammatory carcinoma was detected in 2% of patients diagnosed with breast cancer. During the period from 1988 to 1999 the number of detected breast cancer has increased from 2 to 2 and 5 of the 100 000 patients. In contrast, the incidence of other forms of breast cancer has declined slightly.

  • The average age of patients who have been diagnosed inflammatory breast cancer was 59 years old – is a 3 – 7 years younger than the average age of patients with other forms of breast cancer.
  • The average life expectancy of patients with inflammatory breast cancer was 3, compared with 6 – 10 years for other types of breast cancer.

The researchers concluded that inflammatory breast cancer is still a rare form of cancer. However, from 1988 to 1999 the frequency of occurrence increased slightly. In addition, it was found that the percentage of survival after inflammatory breast cancer compared with other forms of cancer is less, but over the past few years, he has slightly increased. Another observed fact – inflammatory breast cancer occurs in younger patients.

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