The Forms of The Female Breast

The Forms of The Female Breast

The forms of the female breast

How to preserve the beauty of the breast

Mammology – Breast surgery – – 2008

In his early youth, as a rule, problems with the breast is not seen – it is simply beautiful with its freshness and elasticity! Shape of the breast at this time depend only on the genetic prerequisites, and have the kind that put her nature, and passed from parents. And if the girl is a good posture, back straight, shoulders pulled back, almost flattened blades, and exercise, it strengthens the muscles of the back, chest and neck, it is natural to her gorgeous breasts ensured a long time. However, the shape of the breast throughout life may vary considerably, as this part of the body is very sensitive to a variety of influences.

For example, many women in his experience that breasts are affected, if you sit down on a rigid diet, trying to, at whatever cost, to achieve a slender figure. This is quite achievable result, but having a side effect – melting fat tissue, not only at the waist, but in the mammary glands. Alas, they were right in front of decrease in volume and ugly fall. But it's not as scary as it sounds – after the diet is most often weight more or less returned, and with it the former shape of the breast.

Control the shape of the female breast and the ubiquitous hormone, the level of which varies during the menstrual cycle, after menopause , when using birth control pills. The breast may occasionally heavier, grow and fall off again. Finally, all women filled his chest, and increases in size during pregnancy, and after it, at best, a return to familiar forms, and an unfavorable outcome, falls and fall off.

Their most terrible and implacable enemy – time. With age, the body begins to produce less just so right for the elasticity of the skin and muscle collagen and elastin, causing "gutter" and a person loses their impressive form before the chest. All this, alas, inevitable process. But the fact he is proud of the progress of man to resist the blind in many ways the phenomena of nature! And now, almost all the parameters of the female breast, including its shape, be effectively corrected. And it's not about the creams, masks, serums and hardware procedures to the maximum may be slightly improved skin condition.

If your breasts have lost their shape to cope with this only plastic surgery! It can create the ideal shape of the breast and restore its youthful appearance. The most important thing for you to be a doctor to come to the general notion of the beautiful breasts and decide on its future forms. And here we must take into account all the parameters – age, height, weight, shape and general features of physique to match private and public aesthetic representation, because the general idea of the best ways there, and I think, and will not – the beauty, as before, Diversity. Even the most seasoned professionals in this field, plastic surgeons can not come together in agreement, what form, aft, or hemispherical, should have an aesthetically perfect breasts! Therefore, an important question about the shape of the new breast to be solved individually, carefully and slowly …

How to preserve the beauty and attractiveness of the breast forms a bust?

To avoid interference with the surgeon, it is often sufficient to take care of their bodies, in particular – the breast. Above all, do it systematically.

Keep the chest from impact, prolonged exposure to sunlight, it can cause harm. Avoid drastic diets. They may suffer from the whole body, and breast – in the first place. Do not forget about the correct choice of underwear – it must be of good quality and is ideal in size.

Eat right, eat dairy products. Try to keep in your diet foods that contain vitamins A, E and C. It is carrots, apricots, spinach, citrus fruits and other "red". Bananas and dried apricots, corn bran, cereal – whole grain – that is what will be a chest on top. Pay attention to the brewer's yeast – they have a lot of thiamine, which provides the desired flexibility. Try to monitor the overall health, take care of it. Do not abuse alcohol, abstain from smoking.

Do massage with water. Advance the circular motion of the jet scattered ribs to his shoulders, grabbing the chest area. Increase the pressure can be when massiruete area around the breast. One of the most effective means of supporting his chest in great shape – dousing with cold water. Douches gives good results. Most of the benefit of salt water. It suffices to 100 grams of sea salt chemist dissolved in 1 liter of water. Taking a bath, gently massage your breasts in a circular motion, without pressure. Try massaging the breasts in the morning with ice cubes – a circular motion.

Neve means a slouch. Good posture – not only beautiful but also useful for the internal organs and your bust as well. Keep yourself "in shape", do the moving sports, do a simple exercise. Do not forget to moisturize and nourish the skin of the breast. Fortunately for this set of tools, but their use is to consult a specialist. And every water treatment ends with a cream, gel or serum.

In lactating breasts need to take care of more carefully than usual. Proper care involves feeding:

  • scrupulous personal hygiene;
  • wearing cotton underwear (synthetic nipples can be annoying and lead to cracking);
  • handling special nipple ointments that do not need to rinse before feeding (after feeding it is advisable to grease nipples drop of breast milk, not wiping it);
  • application of special protective linings and absorbent pads (for – increased sensitivity of nipples or at the first sign of irritation);
  • breast massage and special exercises for them.

Remember, the beauty of your chest – in your hands!

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