Hydrocephalus – Dropsy of The Brain

Hydrocephalus - Dropsy of The Brain

Hydrocephalus – dropsy of the brain

Causes of hydrocephalus


Hydrocephalus (dropsy of the brain) – a disease characterized by an excess of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricular system of the brain and / or subarachnoid spaces.
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is in special cavities of the brain – the ventricles and bathes the brain itself, while under the lining of the brain. CSF protects the brain and spinal cord from mechanical damage, maintains a constant intracranial pressure and fluid and electrolyte balance. The bulk of the CSF is formed in the ventricles of the brain choroid plexus specific.

Causes of hydrocephalus

In most cases, the occurrence of hydrocephalus in the newborn caused by left over by the mother during pregnancy, infectious diseases, leading to disruption of the ventricular system of the brain of the fetus. This leads to complex circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid or excess production. In addition to congenital hydrocephalus, may occur (usually in the first months of life the newborn) and acquired hydrocephalus after suffering meningitis, meningoencephalitis, head injury, intoxication, etc. Violation of the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid leads to increased intracranial pressure. As a result, exerted pressure on the parts of the brain begins to decrease vision, having seizures, brain stem compression manifested oculomotor disorders (strabismus, look up), weakness in upper and lower extremities. This can lead to death, gross neurological disorders, reduced mental abilities.
In adults, most often causes of hydrocephalus were brain tumors, infectious processes of the nervous system and chronic insufficiency of cerebral circulation.

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