Complications of Obesity

Complications of Obesity

Complications of obesity

Obesity as a chronic disease

Obesity -2007

Obesity is a risk factor for serious complications that lead to, a significant increase in morbidity and premature death.

Obesity impairs quality of life, in particular, contributes to the development of pain. In patients with III degree of obesity decreased physical activity, suffers from a general feeling of health, decreased viability and increased risk of serious diseases.

Obesity also reduces labor productivity, resulting in increasing the number of days of disability. This, in turn, leads to economic losses. So in 1994, paid disability days and loss associated with disability, people suffering from obesity cost the U.S. economy $ 3 billion.

Surgery for severe obesity have a significant effect on the human lifespan. As established by the American scientists, in their effectiveness such as superior to surgery in cardiac surgery. At the same time they help to cope with diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

PHOTO patients before and after weight loss surgery

Examination and treatment in GERMANY – Institute "DIAGNOSTIX"


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