Proton Therapy Cancer – Treatment In Germany

Proton Therapy Cancer - Treatment In Germany


The main advantages of proton therapy

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Center for Proton Therapy Rinekera Munich, Germany
Rinker Center for Proton Therapy (TSPTR) – is Europe's first center of radiation therapy for outpatient treatment of tumors, which also provides a stationary condition. It was founded by Dr. Hans Rinekerom, and in the plans is also the base of branches in the center of other cities and countries.
Center for Proton Therapy Rinekera began his clinical work in March 2009, and was created to annually receive the treatment to 4 thousand patients. Treatment at this center could pass as German citizens and foreign nationals.
Effective treatment for cancer at the Center for Proton Therapy Rinekera – Munich – Germany

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Proton therapy – is the newest high-tech method of treating cancer.

The main advantage of proton therapy compared with conventional radiotherapy is the ability to precisely locate the place oblucheniya. The surrounding healthy tissue swelling with no damage, and tumor cells, in contrast, receive greater exposure in comparison with conventional radiology.

Physically, this method is accelerated in a cyclotron to enormous speeds the flow of protons (60% of the speed of light), and during a session specifically calculated the trajectory of the protons so that their maximum energy came exactly at the place of the tumor.

The main advantages of proton therapy

Increases the likelihood of successful treatment.

Targeted irradiation of proton beam irradiation reduces the level of healthy tissue several times in comparison with conventional radiology. This enables, respectively, to increase the dose of tumor cells. The chances of success increase especially in the case of tumors nemetastazirovannyh – more than 50%. The new method displays a cancer treatment in Germany to a new level.

Reduce the side effects.

Conventional radiology is often poorly tolerated and the patient often requires hospital observation. In contrast, proton therapy at an elevated level of irradiation of the tumor at the same time allows you to dramatically reduce the exposure of surrounding healthy tissue – the patient tolerates the treatment much easier. Irradiation is carried out, usually an outpatient basis.

In addition, reducing the risk of metastasis due to more intense exposure of tumor cells.

Expands the scope of exposure

Due to the fact that, unlike X-ray proton flux does not pass through the body, it is possible to irradiate the types of tumors, for which the risk of severe side effects were primarily prohibitively high – for example, tumors near the spinal cord or brain. Proton method allows even irradiate the retina without damaging the optic nerve and brain.

Reduce the time of treatment.

Proton therapy can increase the radiation dose in a single session without risk to the health of the patient. Accordingly, required fewer irradiation sessions compared with radiotherapy. The patient spends less time in hospital, the total duration of treatment is reduced.

This method has proven especially effective in the following cases.

All kinds of tumors that have already received the first dose of X-irradiation with various linear accelerators.

Sensitive to irradiation of the tumor, which, however, could not have been irradiated with X-ray equipment in connection with unreasonably high risk of complications.

Recent data research at the Center for Proton Therapy Loma Linda, United States indicate that lung cancer effectively treated by proton irradiation Altogether – this method should be preferred to surgery

In some cases, the use of proton therapy offers hope for a full recovery even in the case of metastasis – especially with multiple liver metastases: X-ray therapy is not used because of the high risk of inducing hepatitis.

Application for treatment of proton therapy center – Munich – (495) 585-92-41

Examination and treatment in GERMANY – Institute "DIAGNOSTIX"


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