Disorders of Sclera

Disorders of Sclera

Disorders of sclera

Diseases of the sclera – Elite Treatment in Europe


The sclera is the outer shell of the eyeball. Most of it is a protein dense opaque fabric. This is the sclera, or white of the eye.

Laser vision correction in OAO "MEDICINE"

Why choose us?

  • Medical Clinic, the first clinic in Russia accredited by international standards Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Only in Moscow, a new generation of excimer laser Amaris German company SCHWIND.
  • LASIK surgery technology.
  • All actions are controlled excimer laser computer program, which had previously been laid in the individual parameters of the patient's eye, which excludes medical error.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery – 2-3 hours. Then you can drive, read, watch TV, work on your computer.
  • The cost of laser vision correction60 000 rubles (both eyes).
  • Registration by phone – (495) 506-61-01


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