Disorders of Vitreous Body

Disorders of Vitreous Body

Disorders of vitreous body

Disorders of vitreous body – Elite Treatment in Europe


Vitreous cavity occupies most of the eyeball, 5/6 total. This is a transparent gelatinous mass, living a gel containing 98% water. Vitreous maintains the shape and tone of the eyeball, and also participates in the breaking of light rays. Until now, the vitreous remains the least understood part of the eyeball.

Laser vision correction in OAO "MEDICINE"

Why choose us?

  • Medical Clinic, the first clinic in Russia accredited by international standards Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Only in Moscow, a new generation of excimer laser Amaris German company SCHWIND.
  • LASIK surgery technology.
  • All actions are controlled excimer laser computer program, which had previously been laid in the individual parameters of the patient's eye, which excludes medical error.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery – 2-3 hours. Then you can drive, read, watch TV, work on your computer.
  • The cost of laser vision correction60 000 rubles (both eyes).
  • Registration by phone – (495) 506-61-01