Toxic Lesions of The Optic Nerve

Toxic Lesions of The Optic Nerve

Toxic lesions of the optic nerve

Diseases of the optic nerve – Elite Treatment in Europe


The optic nerve is very sensitive to the effects of certain toxic substances. For lesions of the optic nerve can lead exposure:

  • methyl and ethyl alcohol
  • substances contained in tobacco smoke
  • Lead
  • certain medications:
    • quinine
    • plazmotsid
    • antihelminthic drugs
    • sulfonamides.

The defeat of the optic nerve with ethyl alcohol and nicotine is tobacco and alcoholic degeneration. This gives rise to degenerative changes in nerve tissue of the optic nerve. The disease develops very slowly. The function of gradually breaks down. The boundaries of narrow fields of view, there are areas of vision loss. The first sign may be reduced twilight vision.

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