Benign Tumors of The Larynx

Benign Tumors of The Larynx

Benign tumors of the larynx

Benign tumors of the larynx – Elite Treatment in Europe

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Among the benign tumors of the larynx are more common:

  • fibroma
  • papillomavirus
  • angioma.

Fibroma (fibrous polyps) usually occurs at the free edge of the vocal fold at the border between the anterior and middle thirds, growing very slowly, often does not reach large sizes. The main symptoms are hoarseness, and possibly a cough. Voice can be changed if the fibroma has a long leg and easy shifting. Surgical treatment, recurrences are possible if on a piece of the tumor.

Papillomas represent a single or papillary excrescences, resembling a cauliflower. Most often they are located on the vocal folds. The most common papillomavirus found in age from 1.5 to 5 years. By the beginning of puberty, they often disappear. The main symptoms are hoarseness, aphonia reaching to, and the gradual shortness of breath, which may progress to asthma by increasing the tumor. Surgical treatment. Relapses after treatment are common, but a tendency to recur individual: in some cases, warts have to be removed several times a year, in others – a few years.

Cysts are found in the larynx are not frequent. They are usually located on the laryngeal surface of epiglottis. Most cysts develop as a result of occlusion of the mucous glands, increasing slowly, do not reach large sizes. Small cysts usually do not cause any symptoms and do not require treatment.

Angioma of larynx originate from dilated blood vessels (hemangioma, lymphangioma). They can be localized on the vocal, or sometimes on the ventricular folds cherpalonadgortannyh. Grow slowly, are usually small in size. Sometimes the tumor reaches a large size and hanging into the lumen of the larynx, disrupting breathing. Angiomas of small dimensions in the case concerned only the localization of the crease to the voice – in this case there is hoarseness. Medium and large sized angioma violate the larynx and other functions, so they must be removed.

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