Benign Tumors of The Pharynx

Benign Tumors of The Pharynx

Benign tumors of the pharynx

Tumors of the pharynx – Elite Treatment in Europe

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For benign tumors of the pharynx include the following:

  • fibroma
  • papilloma
  • hairy polyp
  • angioma
  • neurinoma
  • neurofibroma
  • lipoma
  • cysts
  • retropharyngeal goiter.

Most other common warts and fibromas on the leg.

Papilloma are usually located on the soft palate and palatine shackle, are small and tend to worry a little sick. In some cases, warts come from the nasopharynx, the side walls of the pharynx, lingual surface of the epiglottis. Treatment consists of removal of individual papillomas followed galvanokaustikoy. Relapses of the disease in individual papillomas are rare. In papillomatosis relapses may occur many times. Given the possibility of rebirth in cancer, should prompt a radical treatment.

Fibroma occurs usually in young men aged 10-20 years, so she called the youth. After 20-25 years, youth fibroma undergoing reverse razvitie.V early stage nasopharyngeal fibroma manifestation of moderately expressed – a little difficulty in nasal breathing, sore throat, slight catarrhal conditions. In the future, the breath stops completely after one half of the nose and making it harder through the second, there is a twang, a voice is changed, the most severe symptom – occurs occasionally profuse spontaneous bleeding. Fibroma is usually fills the nasopharynx and can hang in the middle section of the pharynx.

Angioma is a relatively common benign tumors of the pharynx and may come from its various departments. Small angiomas may not be a long time to grow, do not bother the patient, and revealed only at the examination. Medium and large sized angiomas cause foreign body sensation in the nasopharynx, nasal breathing is difficult, may bleed. There are hemangioma and lymphangioma.

Surgical treatment, and electrocautery is used. Hairy polyp refers to a congenital tumor, has a long stem, covered with leather with delicate hairs.

Barnacle breathing and sucking. Surgical treatment. Relapses do not occur.

Cysts of the pharynx does not belong to the true tumors. They are located in different parts of the pharynx, usually in the tonsils. Dimensions are often small, so much anxiety often do not cause, but sometimes a foreign body sensation in the throat, in the early cysts of the tongue may cause choking.

Neuroma, mixed tumors and other tumors endotelioma pharynx are rare. They have slow growth neinfiltriruyuschim, in rare cases can ozlokachestvlyatsya.

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