Dental Implants In Moscow

Dental Implants In Moscow

Dental Implants in Moscow

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Dentistry has always been a rapidly developing branch of medicine. Since ancient times it was believed that toothless mouth has an adverse impact not only on the aesthetic appearance of man, but also the health of many organs in general. Over the past century, human life expectancy has increased significantly, while the teeth are not always ready for the long years of service. Therefore, dentists are constantly improving methods of replacing lost teeth and removable bridges. However, all designed structures have significant drawbacks, first of all, fragility and artificiality.
Modern and more logical alternative to removable prostheses and bridges is the implantation. Implanted implant mimics the root of the tooth and in conjunction with a crown or prosthesis is the correct distribution of load on the jaw bone. Due to this artificial teeth on the implants are much longer and look more natural.

There are several methods of dental implants, which are selected by experts individually, depending on the clinical, functional and aesthetic indications. At the heart of the Swiss implant Simpladent used the following methods of dental implants:

  • Classical implantation
  • One-step implantation transgingivalnaya
  • One-step implantation without bone grafting

Classical implantation

Classical implantation is widely used in dental practice with 80 years of XX century. However, patients who demonstrated this technique, you need to be prepared for a very prolonged course of treatment, which can last more than a year. In the classical dental implants need to comply with the following rules:

  • after removal (loss) of the tooth must go from 1.5 to 3 months;
  • necessary to conduct the mandatory building bone in cases where there is failure of the implant for implantation;
  • installation of the implant itself is carried out at least 5 months after the building of bone;
  • installation of crowns on implants is acceptable, at least 4 months in the lower jaw and 6 months at the top, after installing the implant.

Classical implantation centers Simpladent carried out using modern systems of the Swiss company Ihde Dental AG . The specific system and subsystem, as well as the exact size is chosen by experts for medical reasons.
Despite continued treatment, the classical implantation has its advantages over other methods:

  • it is the proven technique for dental implants to date;
  • with prosthetics on implants installed according to the classical protocol, a very large selection of orthopedic solutions (can be installed on a single implant crowns and bridges due to the wide range of adapters).

One-step implantation transgingivalnaya

Under the single-stage dental implants involve the installation of the implant transgingivalnym method (without cutting the gums) with the installation of crowns for 1 week. In European countries, this method is widely used for over 15 years and can be found under the following names:

  • non-invasive implantation
  • one-step implantation
  • implants with immediate loading
  • bloodless implantation
  • Seamless implantation
  • rapid implantation
  • minimally invasive implantation
  • transgingivalnaya implantation
  • and even "endoscopic implantation"

Of the various names of this technique shows that the procedure is in contrast to the classical implantation is performed without large incisions and sutures, and the prosthesis is held as soon as possible after installation of the implant.
One-step implantation centers Simpladent conducted using unique systems KOS Swiss company Ihde Dental AG . The size of the implants and the system is chosen according to personal and medical reasons. And also keep in mind that to install the implant bone level should be sufficient.
The advantages of one-stage implants:

  • to restore the lost tooth for 2-4 visits to the dentist;
  • causes no discomfort after implantation.
  • method is recommended for patients who fear the panic of surgical procedures;
  • a wide range of orthopedic solutions to individual cases in a strictly isolated prosthetic teeth as soon as possible;
  • the ability to install the implant immediately after tooth extraction.

One-step implantation without bone grafting

The most modern concept of dental implant, which is used in Europe for over 10 years and is known as 4D implants." Through this method can be installed without the capacity of bone implants, even in cases where the level is only 4 mm! Thanks to the reliability, versatility and unique performance, even with a fully edentulous patients can smile and chew solid food within a week after the operation. The secret lies in the design methodology itself implants, which are fundamentally different from traditional ones.
This method is primarily aimed at rapid restoration of masticatory function in patients. This implantation in Russia is carried out only in centers Simpladent (!) With unique systems BOI Swiss company Ihde Dental AG . Particular system, as well as size is chosen precisely for medical reasons and can even be installed immediately after the extraction of an operation.
The main advantages of the method of 4D implants":

  • Treatment can be performed in all patients, without exception, regardless of the degree of thinning of the jawbone, and the presence / absence of the remaining teeth;
  • Surgical treatment is required only once, and splinting the implants are installed immediately after tooth extraction;
  • fewer surgeries and other procedures, reduces the overall cost of treatment;
  • the effectiveness of basal implants often depends on the blood supply to the jaw bone, compared to conventional implants;
  • Installation of temporary metal-graft on day 3 after surgery.

About the centers Simpladent

Moscow Center for Implantology Simpladent were open, as the Russian clinical base of the well-known Swiss company Ihde Dental AG, which since 1954 produces first-class and unique materials for dentistry. The main mission of the Swiss company Simpladent in Russia – the introduction of clinical Ihde Dental products to the consumer through their own dental centers.
The main activity centers is a Dental Implant Systems for Ihde Dental AG, using both classical modern methods of implantation. All work is carried out by certified Ihde Dental AG-class professionals that took place repeatedly trained in Germany, Switzerland and Russia.
And in the European and Russian centers Simpladent pricing is based on the same principle. In the price list indicates the final cost of any service "turnkey", whether the therapeutic treatment or implantation. Prices in clinics Simpladent much lower than in other Moscow dental centers in the same class, due to the direct supply of consumables and implants from Switzerland, bypassing the middlemen.

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