Hematoma, Abscess, Perforation of The Nasal Septum

Hematoma, Abscess, Perforation of The Nasal Septum

Hematoma, abscess, perforation of the nasal septum

Hematoma, abscess, perforation of the nasal septum – Elite Treatment in Europe

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The cause of the nasal septum hematoma, usually the trauma of the nose, at which there is bleeding between the cartilage or bone plate walls, on the one hand, and the perichondrium (periosteum) – on the other. In rare cases, the formation of hematoma in infectious, especially viral diseases. Most hematomas occur in the nasal septum and the average older children.

Hematoma can be one-and two-sided. It is usually localized in the cartilaginous part of septum, but may extend to the rear divisions. With one-sided or slightly pronounced bilateral hematoma nasal breathing may remain relatively satisfactory, so patient, especially a child that does not pay attention to it. In such cases, the hematoma suppurate turning into an abscess of nasal septum. Pain in the hematoma and abscess of the nasal septum are absent or negligible, which explains the frequent late-treatment of such patients to a doctor.

When the formed nasal septum abscess is very fast (within days) is involved in the purulent process quadrangular cartilage septum. Arising thus hondroperihondrit usually leads to defects and deformatsimyam nasal septum and nasal. The danger of an abscess of the nasal septum consists in the fact that the spreading upwards, an abscess may reach the roof of the nose and cause intracranial complications.

Perforation of the nasal septum is usually at its anteroinferior department in the area kisselbahova septum. The causes of perforation may be:

  • prior to an abscess of nasal septum
  • surgery to straighten her
  • injury
  • atrophic process
  • tertiary
  • tubercular process.

Anterior wall a little protected from harmful effects of environmental factors, such as dust, dry, hot and cold air, trauma (including fingers). The resulting atrophic process is limited – dry rhinitis front – particularly rapid progress with frequent stays in dusty industries (cement, chemicals, chrome, etc.). In the cartilaginous part of the nasal septum mucosa thins, becomes dry and covered with a crust, here comes the ulceration and perforation of the nasal septum.

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