Malignant Tumors of The Pharynx

Malignant Tumors of The Pharynx

Malignant tumors of the pharynx

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Among the malignant tumors of the pharynx, there are:

  • carcinoma
  • limfoepiteliomy
  • meristoma
  • sarcoma
  • retikulotsitomy
  • mixed tumor.

Early symptoms of malignant tumors of the pharynx and the poor maloharakterna. In later stages there is some complaint to:

  • violation of the nasal respiratory and ear congestion, if the tumor in the nasopharynx
  • foreign body sensation, which interferes with swallowing food and then spit in the presence of a tumor in the oropharynx
  • violation of the first cross-country for the rich, and then for liquid food, and respiratory failure, if the tumor in the hypopharynx.

These phenomena are considered first as a sick little meaningful, and the doctor often refers to the account of chronic pharyngitis, or neurosis.

Early symptoms include nasal tumors hypersecretion of mucus, which is an admixture of sukrovichnaya; selection possible through the nose and oropharynx. Nasopharyngeal tumors rapidly gives regional metastases, grows into the cavity of the skull, which is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the jaw, teeth, ears, the advent of double vision and strabismus. The decay of the tumor causing severe nosebleeds. In the middle section of the pharynx are more common carcinomas and sarcomas. The appearance of dysphagia, choking food, pain, disorders of voice, putrid breath indicate a late period of development of tumors of the pharynx.

Metastasis occurs early, often just two-way. Compared with the upper divisions of the pharynx laryngopharyngeal malignant tumors often affected, as a rule, there are carcinomas, sometimes mixed tumors.

The initial period of tumor localization of the pharynx usually remains hidden. Even after the onset of lung complaints of various kinds of discomfort in the throat disease is often not recognized as for indirect laryngoscopy lower parts of the pharynx are not available. Occur relatively quickly pronounced signs of dysphagia, which is an indication for high-contrast X-ray examination. In some cases, the tumor compresses the arytenoid cartilage, and may cover part of the entrance to the larynx, while there are grave symptoms of swallowing, voice disorders, and sometimes breathing.

Cancer of hypopharynx ulcerate early, aided by frequent injuries, and tumors of the stomach content, the appearance of blood in the sputum of an impurity indicates the breakdown of tumors. In the therapy of malignant tumors of the nasopharynx and the middle part of the pharynx is used primarily conservative treatment and surgical maloprimenimo.

For treatment of tumors of hypopharynx prefer combination therapy, which stands on top surgical removal of the tumor using diathermy coagulation and further exposure to radiation in the way of lymphatic drainage.

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