Ozena Offensive or Runny Nose

Ozena Offensive or Runny Nose

Ozena offensive or runny nose

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Offensive rhinitis – atrophic ozena is a process of the mucous membrane and bony walls of the nasal cavity, accompanied by the formation of secretions, dry up in the fetid crusts, which are dense layer covering the mucosa.

In contrast to the simple atrophic rhinitis in ozen atrophic process is characterized by bone proliferation on the walls of the nasal cavity, especially in the bone cavities, the production quickly dry up discharge with a strong peculiar odor, which is not the case with atrophic rhinitis. When ozen metaplasia of ciliated columnar epithelium in the flat characterized much of the nasal mucosa, whereas in simple atrophic rhinitis, it does not always happen and affects only small areas.

In our country, ozena is relatively rare in most women, it is home to a young age. Definite value in the etiology of the disease are social, domestic and professional factors, but the full reasons for ozeny remain unclear. The disease lasts a lifetime, during menstruation, it escalates, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as the symptoms of old age, it significantly alleviated.

Ozen Patients complain of dry nose, the formation of a large number of crusts, the presence of a characteristic unpleasant odor, difficulty in nasal breathing and a sharp decline or lack of sense of smell. At rhinoscopy in both halves of the nose are clearly visible brownish or yellowish-green peel, which cover the mucous membrane of the nose and often perform almost all of its cavity may extend to the nasopharynx, the middle section of the pharynx, and even the larynx and trachea. After removal of the crusts nasal cavity is expanded in some places the mucous membrane of a viscous yellow-green exudate.

At the beginning of the disease atrophic process affects mainly the lower bowl, but then captures all the walls. The nasal cavity becomes so large that the visible rhinoscopy posterior wall of nasopharynx, the mouth of the auditory tube, and sometimes it can be seen and the upper shell.

Diagnosis ozeny established on the basis of the characteristic fetid odor from the nose, the presence of copious amounts of crusts, atrophy of the mucous membrane and bony walls of the nasal cavity. Often accompanied by severe atrophic ozena pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and sometimes atrophic.

Treatment is mainly symptomatic ozeny aimed at removing crusts and fetid odor.

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