Swelling of The Larynx

Swelling of The Larynx

Swelling of the larynx

Swelling of the larynx – Elite Treatment in Europe

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Laryngeal edema is essentially a symptom of certain diseases, it may be inflammatory and inflammatory. Inflammatory edema often occurs as a manifestation of various diseases of the pharynx, larynx and other organs may occur in some acute and chronic infectious diseases, when there is inflammation of the larynx, such as:

  • Measles
  • scarlet fever
  • Flu
  • tuberculosis, etc.

Swelling often occurs when:

  • allergies
  • neck injuries
  • throat burns hot food, caustic solutions of acids, alkalis
  • After traheobronskopii.

A special type of X-rays are swelling after radiotherapy, and of the neck. Noninflammatory edema of the larynx occur in some forms of heart failure, diseases of the kidneys and tagging. This category of pathological states can be attributed anginevrotichesky angioneurotic edema type.

Laryngeal edema is morphologically characterized by varying degrees of exudation in the deep layers of the mucous membrane and intramuscular connective tissue. The shape and distribution of edema depend mainly on its causes and anatomical submucosal layer.

Signs of laryngeal edema depends on the degree of narrowing of the lumen of the larynx and the rapidity of its spread. In inflammatory edema of the epiglottis there pain when swallowing, foreign body sensation, a slight difficulty in breathing, which can grow, and change of voice. These symptoms are significantly worse in the propagation of edema in the propagation of edema on the mucosa of arytenoid cartilage cherpalonadgortannyh folds, the vocal folds and podskladchatogo space. In such cases, the rapid growth of edema may occur severe stenosis of the larynx, causing a severe picture of choking, threatening the life of the patient.

If swelling is determined by the laryngoscope study lesions of the larynx in the form of watery or jelly-like lumps. The epiglottis in this case resembles greatly thickened ridge, and the region arytenoid cartilage has the form of balls. Glottis edema of the mucous membrane narrows the vocal folds, such narrowing of the larynx and the observed swelling of the mucous membrane of podskladochnoy when swelling looks like a pincushion bilateral protrusion.

In inflammatory edema observed in varying degrees of jet phenomena in non-inflammatory – flushing is usually absent.

The first task of treatment of laryngeal edema is the restoration of external respiration.

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