Treatment of Chronic Rhinitis

Treatment of Chronic Rhinitis

Treatment of chronic rhinitis

Treatment of chronic rhinitis – Elite Treatment in Europe

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In various forms of chronic rhinitis treatment includes:

  • Eliminating the possible endo-and exogenous factors that cause a runny nose and support.
  • Drug therapy for each form of the common cold.
  • Surgical intervention is indicated.
  • Physiotherapy and climatotherapy.

Removal of the reasons supporting the chronic process in the nasal mucosa, is a priority of treatment common cold. Among them, often chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In such cases, abnormal discharge drains into the nasal cavity and being extreme irritant, causes and maintains a chronic runny nose. After sanifying surgery on the affected sinus usually stops a cold or the treatment becomes more effective.

Active treatment of common diseases (obesity, kidney disease and heart, etc.), improvement of hygienic conditions at home and at work (with the exception or reduction of dust and gas and air, etc.) makes it possible to successfully treat a cold.

In catarrhal chronic rhinitis binders used: 3-5% solution of protargol (collargol) – 5 drops in each half of the nose 3 times a day. At the same time it is recommended thermal procedures on the nose UHF or microwave and the UV through the endonasal tube. Patients with chronic catarrhal rhinitis is recommended periodically stay in a warm dry climate.

Treatment of hypertrophic chronic rhinitis usually includes methods by which steadily reduces the amount of thickened sections of the nasal mucosa and nasal breathing is restored.

The criterion for rational choice of treatment is the degree of hypertrophy of the turbinates, and the degree of impairment of nasal breathing. With a little hypertrophy, when, after greasing vasoconstrictor drug, the mucous membrane is reduced and improves nasal breathing, apply the most sparing surgery:

  • galvanokaustiku
  • cryotherapy.

In severe hypertrophy shows partial resection of the hypertrophied turbinates – turbinotomy.

Treatment of atrophic chronic rhinitis is mainly symptomatic. The patient must see to it that in the nasal cavity is not accumulated crusts and secretions. To remove them, must be systematically irrigate the nasal cavity with spray isotonic sodium chloride solution with the addition of iodine. Periodically apply irritating therapy – lubrication of the nasal mucosa iodine-glycerin, which enhances the activity of the glands of the mucous membrane.

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