Diffuse Toxic Goiter

Diffuse Toxic Goiter

Diffuse toxic goiter

Diffuse toxic goiter, Elite treatment in Europe


Diffuse toxic goiter – the most common thyroid disease in childhood. It is a genetically determined autoimmune disease. The most frequently ill children 11-15 years old, is more common in girls. The main complaints are irritability general weakness and fatigue during exercise is sometimes noted palpitations, weight loss against the backdrop of increased appetite, increased sweating, frequent headaches, memory loss and deterioration of academic achievement in children at school. More gradual onset, but in some cases can rapidly develop a severe form.

Clinic of diffuse toxic goiter in children has some peculiarities: even under very severe forms is rarely developed heart failure, rapid growth in the period of the disease, delay of sexual development. Patients are usually asthenic physique, tall. The skin velvety soft and moist. Note the red-resistant dermographism, eyelids, elbows. The patients developed muscle weakness.

The thyroid gland is diffusely enlarged, which is one of the major symptoms of diffuse toxic goiter.

Violation of the cardiovascular system with diffuse toxic goiter are so severe and leading to the clinic, which initially saw as hyperthyroidism heart disease. There have been marked tachycardia, even at rest, increased pulse pressure, which leads to pronounced pulsation of large vessels, increased heart sounds. The degree of tachycardia corresponds to the severity of diffuse toxic goiter. The ECG showed sinus tachycardia and fibrillation high voltage spikes, a violation of predserdnozheludochkovoy conductivity. It is also common ocular symptoms.

Characterized by disturbances in the motor area. Note the tremor of the fingers outstretched hands of closed eyelids, protruding tongue, and in severe forms – shaking the whole body (a symptom of "telegraphic" column)

In diffuse toxic goiter observed in a number of disorders of the endocrine glands. There is a bias in the process of sexual maturation: the later development of secondary sexual characteristics and the onset of menarche, menstrual dysfunction. In a clinical analysis of blood noted a tendency to leukopenia and lymphocytosis.

The main criterion is to increase tireotokzikoza iT4 T3 in serum with normal or reduced TSH.

Treatment of diffuse toxic goiter in children and conservative surgery.

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