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Androgyny is accompanied by an anomalous (bisexual), the structure of the external genitalia.

  • anomaly structure of the external genitalia in patients with a woman's genetic sex (karyotype 46 XX) is denoted by the term "false female hermaphroditism"
  • abnormalities in patients with male genetic sex (XY karyotype of 46) – "false male hermaphroditism"
  • the exception of a rare form – true hermaphroditism, in which the possible presence of 46 XY karyotype, 46 XX or 46 XY \ XX 46.

External genitalia are bisexual structure with varying degrees of virilization. The internal genitalia, usually have feminine traits: a womb (often horned), vagina, tubes. At puberty in patients, usually dominated by feminine traits.

Diagnosis of hermaphroditism

Begin testing of children should primarily determine the sex chromatin and karyotype. Identification of positive sex chromatin and the karyotype 46 XX more likely to indicate a false female hermaphroditism.

Accurate diagnosis can be made only during laparotomy, macroscopic and histological examination of gonads. In the case of a negative sex chromatin should be a differential diagnosis between the various forms of false male hermaphroditism.

The presence of uterine tubes and vagina with the karyotype 46 XY, and XY mosaic of 46 \ 45 X0 suggests the presence of testicular dysgenesis syndrome. Much less can be detected with gonadal androgyny (true hermaphroditism). If the karyotype 46 XY, and the absence of the uterus and upper third of the vagina should be thinking about the syndrome of incomplete virilization.

A significant difficulty is the differential diagnosis between the form of incomplete virilization and incomplete forms of testicular feminization. The difference is revealed only at puberty, when children with an incomplete form of testicular feminization spontaneously begin to develop breasts, develops the figure of the female type, and the syndrome of incomplete virilization observed all the signs of male puberty.

Treatment germofrodizma

In all forms of false female hermaphroditism female choice is clear. In congenital adrenal hyperplasia, adequate and timely initiated therapy with cortisone to avoid further vilirezatsii, creates conditions for further physiological formation of ovaries.

When the wrong man hermaphroditism in a satisfactory development of the corpora cavernosa of the penis is selected male and produce plastic genital masculinization.

In true hermaphroditism is desirable choice of female gender. Produce feminizing plastic genitalia.

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