Pituitary Dwarfism

Pituitary Dwarfism

Pituitary dwarfism

Pituitary dwarfism – Elite Treatment in Europe


Pituitary dwarfism – is stunted due to lack of somatotropic pituitary. Develops as a consequence of absolute or relative deficiency of growth hormone. When the disease affects the central elements of the system, which regulates growth, – it is the hypothalamus (defect in the function of neurocytes that produce hormone-releasing hormone) and pituitary gland itself (full otsutstviesomatotropnogo hormone, growth hormone). No less important are the defect in the gene that controls the secretion of growth hormone, and defective tissue messenger system through which the realized effects of growth hormone growth hormone.

There are:

  • pituitary dwarfism (primary pathology of the pituitary gland)
  • hypothalamic (deficit biosynthesis and secretion of growth hormone-riliztng)
  • Tissue resistance to the action of growth hormone (pathology of growth hormone receptors on the target tissue level).

The most common form of idiopathic growth hormone deficiency. Against the backdrop of a sharp increase in the backlog, delays the rate of growth and bone maturation of the child has a normal body proportions. As a result of underdevelopment of the facial bones of the skull facial features are small, the bridge sinks, characterized by "puppet" face. Hair-thin, high voice. Most noted an excess of body weight. Boys tend to micropenis. Delayed sexual development.

A significant number of growth hormone deficiency is associated deficiency of gonadotropins. Complaints of headaches, blurred vision, vomiting can be suspected intracranial pathology. Stunting in children with growth hormone deficiency progresses with age and by the time the diagnosis is usually lower than – 3 SDS (standard deviation of the coefficient characterizing the degree of deviation from the average growth of the child in the population for a given chronological age and sex).

The growth rate is a cumulative index that reflects the dynamics of growth over time, and in children with growth hormone deficiency, this figure is significantly reduced, and less than 4 cm per year. In pituitary dwarfism requires lifelong replacement therapy with human growth hormone.

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