Stage Development of Varicose Veins

Stage Development of Varicose Veins

STAGE development of varicose veins

Phlebology – 2011

Varicose veins, as well as many other diseases, through three main stages. Each stage is characterized by its symptoms.

Stage 1 – Phase Compensation

External manifestations characteristic of this disease may be absent altogether. In this case the patient will bother some discomfort associated with a growing feeling of heaviness in the evening, a sense of fullness, and fatigue. In some cases, there is a slight transient pastoznost legs and feet. From the visual appearance of symptoms is probably on the legs "spider veins" or some ectatic veins in the foot, leg or thigh, delivering only cosmetic inconvenience. This stage often lasts for years and sometimes only lasts a few months.

Stage 2 – Phase subcompensation

Is the development of a more pronounced deformation of the veins, accompanied by a violation of the outflow of blood. The latter is confirmed by additional studies, which revealed the main valve insufficiency kommunikantnyh trunks and blood vessels. Patients are beginning to complain of paresthesias (numbness and tingling of the skin), swelling of the legs that occur at the end of the day and completely disappear in the morning, night cramps in the calf muscles. There may be pain.

Stage 3 – decompensation

A few years later, in the absence of adequate treatment and failure to comply with preventive measures second stage. Already have clinical manifestations are exacerbated – the area of damage increases, swelling becomes permanent. Joins itchy skin, eczema (inflammatory) changes. Reduced skin turgor, it loses its elasticity, becomes dry, easily vulnerable and tightly soldered to the underlying sclerotic changes of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. In the small plots of hemorrhage and deposits them in a brown pigment (hemosiderin) are formed zone of hyperpigmentation, legs become dark brown.

Over time, most often in the medial malleolus, form stable, hard to heal ulcers, which may cause the appearance of any, even minor, trauma. Later, in their place there is quite noticeable scars, and a high risk of recurrence in the same area. In addition, introducing a long-existing defect in the soft tissues, these ulcers are permanent gateway for infection. Perhaps at this stage also the development of bleeding varices, thrombophlebitis in the form accompanied by hyperemia (redness), tenderness, and local seals along the vein. Undoubtedly, the treatment should begin as early as possible, even in the event of the first manifestations, without waiting for complications. After all, how successful it will be, depends on what stage of varicose patient went to a doctor. If the phase compensation can restrict the wearing of compression hosiery and reception flebotonikov, it will require detailed clinical symptoms have surgery.

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