Varicose External Genitalia In Women

Varicose External Genitalia In Women

Varicose external genitalia in women

Phlebology – 2011

Varicose veins can affect this area, such as women's labia, which adversely affects the physical well-being and relationships.

The main prerequisites for varicose veins of female genital mutilation:

  • congenital or acquired weakness of the vascular wall and the lack of valves, which are under the influence of any external (long-term static electricity, a significant physical exertion) or internal factors (obesity, chronic inflammatory disease of the pelvic organs) lead to the formation of varicose veins.
  • effects of contraception and hormone replacement therapy on the development of varicose veins in general and female genital lips in particular.
  • when bearing the child and with each subsequent pregnancy, the risk of developing this disease increases significantly.

When varicose veins is a violation of tonic-elastic properties of the vascular wall in the background of hormonal changes and the enlarged uterus compressing major retroperitoneal veins (iliac and inferior vena cava), resulting in blood flow is carried out on collaterals and through the gonadal vein as well.

Manifestations of varicose veins of the labia:

  • expansion of the superficial veins in the form of bands, cones, knots,
  • itching, dryness, and skin pigmentation,
  • pain,
  • feeling of heaviness and fullness,
  • appearance of edema, dizuricheskih disorders.

Complications of acute varikotromboflebita (inflammation of the vascular wall with the formation of thrombus in its lumen) and rupture of varicose veins changed, threatening the very severe bleeding, which stops associated with considerable difficulties. Violation of the integrity of data is most often triggered by vascular injury during their labor or sexual intercourse.

Diagnosis is carried out during the inspection and application of instrumental techniques (ultrasonography, radiopaque phlebography) in order to determine the source of abnormal veno-venous shunt.

Since varicose veins – a pathology of the organism as a whole, it is necessary to evaluate fully the status of the patient Phlebology. In general, with minimal clinical manifestations and treatment of uncomplicated varicose veins of female labia is to appoint flebotoniziruyuschih drugs and wearing compression hosiery. When failure of conservative therapy and further progression of the process shows how to use phlebosclerosing techniques.

Prevention of complications: personal hygiene (wearing comfortable underwear, a daily shower) and the cessation of sexual intercourse in cases where this is required by doctor's prescription.

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