Varicose Vulvar Men

Varicose Vulvar Men

Varicose vulvar MEN

Phlebology – 2011

Any discomfort intimate areas always cause physical and psychological discomfort. Varicose veins of the penis – is no exception.

Some predisposing factors:

  • injury,
  • tumor
  • prolonged compression due to overdistension of the bladder,
  • surgery on the pelvic organs,
  • disorders of blood coagulation by the type of thrombophilia,
  • promiscuity, giving rise to infectious complications, the use of sexual techniques, providing a delay ejaculation
  • uncontrolled use of specific anesthetic agents that are applied to the glans of the penis to prolong erection.

Normally, in the male genital organs superficial blood vessels are barely visible, and sometimes barely speak, with a diameter of not more than two to four millimeters.

The main symptoms of varicose:

  • detected nodules under the skin of various sizes,
  • swelling of the veins, sharply konturiruyutsya and become firm to the touch, recalling more than the density of the tendon than the blood vessel, which becomes especially noticeable in the excited state,
  • pain, some discomfort, a sharp stinging during intercourse.

Diagnosis is based on the results of the examinations and Doppler studies of veins of the penis.

Complications of the disease is almost there. Severe bleeding may provoke vein thrombosis of the penis. The thrombus usually located near the head and rim, as a rule, is small, however, sufficient to result in a pop-up obstacles to the outflow of blood stopped. Typically, the need for any medical intervention in such situations there, but a visit to a specialist is still required, since in each case, the definition of a tactic of the patient is the sole responsibility of phlebology, and not the patient.

Varicose veins of the penis is usually done by a conservative, which include temporary abstinence from sexual intercourse, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and the use of local anticoagulation. In order to reduce the severity of pain can assign non-narcotic analgesics injection.

Where indicated, performed thrombectomy, ligation (ligation) and excision of varicose veins of the penis. It has long been popular, and there are treatments for this disease, but should treat them with extreme caution to avoid being aggravate the situation.

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