Cellulite Therapy – Lymphatic Drainage

Cellulite Therapy - Lymphatic Drainage

Cellulite Therapy – LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE

Superficial and deep lymphatic drainage

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At the present time in any clinic, where are treating cellulite, you must be offered to begin with lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage – is the foundation for internal cleansing procedures. It allows the most deeply cleanse waste products from the tissue cells. Lymphatic drainage – is the foundation of any treatment of cellulite.

First, let's find out what the lymph. Lymph – this is one of the body fluids, along with the blood. It is a colorless liquid. Its composition is rich in fat and lymph leukocytes. The function of lymph – a cleansing and immune. Lymph flows through lymph vessels. In contrast, blood vessels, they are very small and thin. On the way there are lymph nodes lymph vessels, which play the role of the so-called "filters". The human body contains about 1-2 liters of lymph. The lymphatic system is involved in the establishment of immunity in protection against pathogens. The lymph vessels in dewatering and general decline in immune defenses may spread the parasites: protozoa, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

For effective drainage is necessary that the body was plenty of fluids, so before this procedure, you need to drink water. It can dissolve toxins, which are derived lymph. In addition, lymphatic drainage can evenly distribute the fluid in the tissues lining the contours of the body remove excess fluid from the intercellular spaces. By its deep lymphatic drainage can be carried out at different levels.

The superficial lymphatic drainage

A superficial lymph drainage effect is, as its name implies, the superficial lymph capillaries, which are located in the skin. In addition, while the effect is active and neuroreceptors, which transmit nerve impulses from the skin to smooth muscle structures of the internal organs. This technique is carried out using micro-current therapy or vacuum massage.

Deep lymphatic drainage

Deep lymphatic drainage associated with exposure to the deeper tissues, lymphatic vessels and capillaries, thus actively participate in this take, and muscles. For example, a lymphatic drainage done in walking, swimming, cycling, or in the process of stimulating contractions of the muscles with electrodes, which are superimposed in a place where are large lymph vessels. The same effect can also be obtained by using vacuum massage.

Another method consists in treating lymphatic drainage areas, which are the major lymph nodes – inguinal, femoral, and popliteal area. For this purpose, for example, microcurrent therapy, presso massage (the impact of air under high pressure, or by calling endermology.

At the present time for various types of lymphatic drainage using different vehicles designed specifically for this purpose. They allow you to perform lymphatic drainage on all levels. The principle of operation of such equipment is connected with the alternation of high and low air pressure, vacuum and combined dosage roller massage and other physiotherapy treatments such as micro-current effects of normalizing the electrophysiological activity of cells.

Depending on what physical factor is used to improve lymph drainage in the tissues, there is:

  • electrotherapy lymphatic drainage (the electric current is applied)
  • lymphatic drainage vacuum (negative air pressure is applied, ie, vacuum)
  • lymphatic drainage massage and press (an alternate alternating high and low air pressure (so-called impulse barotherapy).

Electrotherapy lymphatic drainage

In electrotherapy lymphatic drainage on the skin affects the modulated alternating current. He is a deeply lying tissues of the appearance of nerve and muscle fiber conduction currents. In turn, the result of different processes at the level of the central nervous system is the set of rhythmic contractions of muscle fibers, as well as a general normalizing effect on the basic functions of the body as a whole. All this leads to the activation of vasomotor and respiratory centers, increased blood flow and venous return, increasing the local temperature by 1 degree. In addition, it appears beneficial effect on the bowels, as well as biliary and urinary tracts. The activation of the so-called trophic nerve fibers that stimulate tissue regeneration.

Modern apparatus for electrotherapeutic lymphatic drainage allows for this procedure as comfortable as possible, synchronizing supply with the cardiac cycle pulse the patient.

Vacuum lymphatic drainage

When the vacuum lymphatic drainage outflow of lymph increases the influence of negative air pressure, which has a "suction" effect. As a result of the effect of increasing the exchange of fluids flow and metabolism in the area of microcirculation, enhanced metabolism. At the same time there is a strengthening of permeability of the surface of the choroid plexus of the skin, up to breaking the walls of the capillaries. Therefore, the selection procedure parameters is important to consider this factor, or after the vacuum drainage of the skin may remain extensive bruising and hematomas, which will dissolve over time.

When the vacuum effect on the skin activates local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage from the intercellular spaces away excess fluid, causing swelling and decreases tissue. This leads to a decrease in compression of the nerve passing fibers in the skin. This, in turn, manifested restoration of pain and tactile sensitivity. Restores the function of so-called arteriovenous anastomoses, which contributes to the redistribution of circulating blood between skeletal muscle and skin in the area of impact and, therefore, there is improvement in the data plots.


Press-massage – this is in contrast to the vacuum lymphatic drainage, the impact on the fabric high-pressure air. Thus there is a decrease in the penetration of liquids and gases through the wall of the capillaries. Thus, the conditions for more rapid utilization of oxygen by cells adjacent surface tissues, and stimulates the regenerative processes of healing in the skin. Variable effects on the skin of the local increase and decrease the pressure (so-called impulse barotherapy) leads to an improvement of vascular tone and selective permeability of the capillaries. As a result, increased metabolic rate through the capillaries and the flow of fluid exchange between blood and interstitial tissue, increases blood flow to muscle and endothelium of arteries and veins. Press-massage performed well in the early postoperative period after liposuction.

Application of the above methods of lymphatic drainage from the simultaneous use of various physical factors is carried out not only in the treatment of cellulite, as well as during support, preventive and rehabilitative measures in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, physical therapy.

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