Correction Areola

Correction Areola


How are interventions on the nipple

Plastic Surgery – – 2009

Typically, this type of surgery performed in conjunction with breast reduction or lift.

Plastic Surgery in the nipple and areola is aimed at improving breast form, correction of inverted nipple and areola reduction is too large.

Operation correction of the form of nipples and areola is shown in the following cases:

  • Asymmetrical nipples: a result of breast surgery or the natural aging process, when changes in breast shape and position of the nipple, nipples with a rough outline.
  • Inverted nipples are: lack of tissue nipples, areola when it seems as if notched.
  • Enlarged nipples: excess areola tissue, or increased in size dummies.

Correction of the nipple, usually, you may need after surgery breast augmentation or reconstruction. In addition, the shape of the nipple and areola affects breast lift surgery. Women who are planning to breastfeed on nipples operations are not suitable.

Methods of surgical interventions on the nipple and areola may be different. For example, if one nipple protrusion surgeons offer extensive intervention, while others refrain from doing so. There are less invasive operations on the nipples. For example, to improve the external contour of the nipple or change its color or the color of the areola, micropigmentation can be used. The operation on the nipple can be performed under local anesthesia or under general. Before the operation, carried out surveys of the entire complex, which is shown with other interventions on the breast.

How are operations on the nipples

Usually, surgery on the nipple can be outpatient, that is, after surgery the patient can safely go home and do not need to stay in the hospital. The operation lasts for correcting the shape of the nipple up to one hour. The operation for inverted nipple is that the surgeon releases the milk ducts leading from the nipple, from tightening its cords. At the same methods are used with mandatory preservation of microsurgery of the ducts of the breast, a woman may breastfeed in the future. Skin incision is made 1 cm, resulting in the nipple is straightened, and the scar from the incision is quite small and inconspicuous. This operation is not accompanied by damage to the breast tissue. It is very important before surgery to identify abnormalities that could lead to the formation of inverted nipples.

When too much areola surgery is aimed at reducing the zone of pigmented areola, and the deeper layers of skin and breast tissue are not affected. This is technically quite simple operation, so the success rate is quite high. It allows you to reduce the size of the areola to 4-4.5 cm in addition, it can help to correct the irregular shape areola. It is important to note that these operations do not affect the function of the breast. These operations can be performed under local anesthesia, under the same (usually intravenous) anesthesia, which allows you to make this operation as safe and comfortable for the patient. The most common operation performed on the areola as a stage other interventions in the mammary gland (breast lift).

The postoperative period

The recovery period is quite short. Since all these operations can be done under local anesthesia, it helps to minimize post-operative period. After the operation of the areola and nipple may be swelling and bruising, which are completely within a few days. To reduce pain after surgery you doctor will prescribe painkillers. Normally, some patients after surgery on the nipple may show a slight increase in sensitivity of nipples. It passes within a few months. In a couple of weeks are advised to avoid heavy physical exertion. The results of operations will be visible after a few months.

Possible complications

As already mentioned, complications can occur for any surgical procedures, and operations on the nipple – is no exception. Among the complications can be noted such as wound infection (abscess, and if the inflammation is not treated in time), the formation of a hematoma in the wound, as well as complications from the anesthesia.

Many complications can be easily prevented and eliminated. For the prevention of infectious complications in the wound is usually antibiotics and can be avoided with careful hematoma hemostasis during surgery. One of the unpleasant complications of breast surgery is damage to the nerve branches that innervate the skin of the breast and nipples. Damage to small nerve branches during surgery is almost inevitable, so the only way to reduce this – is to carry out minimally invasive surgery, with less need for cuts.

Finally, another complication of the surgery is scarring. On the one hand, the scars – it is an inevitable process of any transaction. On the other – we are dealing with plastic surgery that is designed just to improve the appearance of the breast. So there have to choose the lesser of two evils – the ugly shape of the breast, areola or large elongated still a beautiful breast shape, and scars. In addition, modern surgical techniques allow the doctor to leave inconspicuous scars. There are other cosmetic procedures to remove scars.

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