Correction and fixation of pendulous breast

Plastic Surgery – – 2009

Breast Lift – another very common type of plastic surgery. Breast lift is also known as mastopexy. The aim is to remove excess mastopexy breast tissue, restoring its former shape, by stretching the tissues. Breast lift also helps to reduce the size of the areola, which will eventually rise (You've probably seen these bags as sagging breasts).

On dangling breasts affected by many factors. They are:

  • Breast size – more than breast, the greater the risk that it will eventually hang down, and this process happens much faster than the normal amount.
  • Age – the age his chest begins to droop, which is associated with loss of elasticity and strength of ligaments, preserving the shape of the breast.
  • Gravity (or force of gravity) – is also a factor that can affect only one way – by wearing a bra.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding – during pregnancy and breast-feeding in the female breast is going through some changes, which also lead to loss of elasticity of ligaments.

It should be noted that the operation of mastopexy is not able to increase the breast. Her goal – just lift. So, often when the patient requires more and increase the size of the breast, mastopexy is performed simultaneously with the installation of breast implants. Or, conversely, there are situations where, together with the lift needed to reduce the size of the breast.

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