Plastic Navel – Umbilikoplastika

Plastic Navel - Umbilikoplastika


Umbilikoplastika often performed in conjunction with abdominoplasty

Plastic Surgery – – 2009

Over the past few years, the popularity of plastic navel increased enormously. Most patients who underwent surgery correction of the navel in the U.S., for example – women (92%), but men also resorted to the plastic surgery.

The navel is an integral part of the tummy and beautiful. Therefore, it correction during abdominoplasty is also important. The fact that the belly hang stretched skin, including the navel. Most plastic navel – umbilikoplastika – held in conjunction with abdominoplasty, as well as plastic hernia, if there is testimony to this. In addition, during abdominoplasty belly button can be shifted down too, or deformed. In this case, a new belly button.

Tummy navel can change its shape as the patient wishes. Most often, the patient wants to have a navel, as in his youth. Also, the navel may be as a button, that is, the bulge. In this case, the patient can get a nice inverted belly button. In most cases, this belly button should be in the form of vertical folds and in the form of a letter T, with a small thin folds of skin over it.

If the correction is carried out in the navel as a separate procedure, it is performed under local anesthesia. In addition, mild sedation may be used. Duration of surgery is usually from 30 minutes to one and a half hours. In this case the scar that remains after surgery, "disguised" as it were, inside the navel. In the area of the navel may remain some sinyachki, which gradually pass.

Stitches are usually dissolve themselves. Almost the same day (unless the operation is not performed in conjunction with the removal of an umbilical hernia), the patient can carry out their normal activities. The results are usually permanent plastic navel, if he will not have umbilical hernia, or obesity.

Among the complications of plastic navel can name all the same complications that can occur with abdominoplasty – a secondary infection, hematoma or seroma formation.

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