Removal Umbilical Hernia

Removal Umbilical Hernia

REMOVAL Umbilical hernia

The advantages of laparoscopic hernia procedures

Plastic Surgery – – 2009

Another common form of abdominal hernias – umbilical hernia. At the same hernial contents out through the natural weakness of the abdominal wall place – umbilical ring. Factors contributing to the development of an umbilical hernia, the same as that of the inguinal hernia. Most umbilical hernia occurs during pregnancy (in the later stages, especially when twins). Manifestations of the umbilical hernia is the same as in the groin – a protrusion, which occurs when straining, physical exertion. Sometimes such a protrusion can be permanent.

Surgical treatment of umbilical hernia

Surgery for an umbilical hernia is to create a duplication of the folds of the aponeurosis, as with groin hernia. Usually surgery is performed under local anesthesia, but in some cases may be under general anesthesia. As in the case of inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia for the winding up may be applied synthetic material – the so-called grid.

Stages of the surgical treatment of umbilical hernias are the same as in the groin:

  • Skin incision,
  • Isolation of the hernial sac, cut it and dive back into the bodies consist of the abdominal cavity, cutting off the hernial sac,
  • Plastic hernial ring by suturing the edges of the umbilical ring to form a double crease,
  • Closure of skin incision.

During the postoperative period is the same as for inguinal hernia. Physical activity during the first 1-2 days are limited, and subsequently in a few months need to restrict heavy exercise (weight lifting, etc.).

Among the complications of umbilical hernias can meet all of those and inguinal hernia. The same complications may be the absence of surgical treatment of umbilical hernia.

Laparoscopic removal of abdominal hernias Technology

Today, in connection with the development of laparoscopic techniques, these methods of operations are possible for the treatment of hernias. Laparoscopic intervention is that, instead of the traditional large incisions and long used small incisions through which trocars are introduced, and through them – the relevant laparoscopic instruments. The whole course of the operation at the same time visible on the screen.

Among the advantages of laparoscopic hernia treatment techniques include:

  • Less traumatic for the patient,
  • Easier postoperative period and faster wound healing,
  • Less risk of postoperative complications

It should be said that laparoscopic surgery for inguinal hernia is not suitable for all patients. For example, it is impossible to patients who have previously tolerated the operation on the abdomen, including, and on the hernia. Note that the laparoscopic surgery for hernia performed under general anesthesia.

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