Restoration of Virginity

Restoration of Virginity

Restoration of virginity

Currently, there are two types of Hymenoplasty

Plastic Surgery – – 2009

So, you decide to restore virginity. Restoring virginity recently gaining popularity.

Of course, it is possible in many ways to assess this trend, but leave it by the patients. Moreover, Hymenoplasty that allows you to restore only the physical virginity, and in addition, for any thorough gynecological examination, the doctor can always see the “footprints” of plastic surgery.
Currently, there are two types of Hymenoplasty.

The first type

In this case, the doctor simply stitch together the remaining pieces of the hymen. This is a fairly simple operation that can be done under local anesthesia. its essence is to ensure that the surgeon refreshing edge flaps of the hymen, and then sews them. At the same day, the patient can go home.

The wound heals within 3-7 days. All seams are absorbable. This type of surgery Hymenoplasty suited to patients who have enough for the hymen tissue plasticity.

The risk of infectious complications in a small plastic, as a hymen is relatively poor in blood vessels. It is important to note that the result of short-lived Hymenoplasty, so it’s best to go for such an operation no earlier than the month before the alleged sexual intercourse.

Alloplantnaya Hymenoplasty

This operation is carried out in cases where the patient does not have enough tissue of the hymen to restore it. The principle of operation is similar to that described above. She has also performed under local anesthesia, and the same day, the patient can go home.

Fixed implant is a kind of artificial hymen, which has the same physical properties as the real thing.

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